We always hear of writer's block, but photographers also can experience a lull in their creativity. Just as writers are told to keep writing, photographers hear similar advice: Keep photographing.

The past month I hit my creative slowdown. I began to sense myself photographing things the same way and coming back to the office unfulfilled in my day's work.

When in this rut, you do not always have the motivation to keep photographing or to photograph on your own time. I finally broke through the wall last weekend when I photographed a band's CD release show in Decatur. The band X.Y. Spaces performed last Sunday at Cross-Eyed Owl Brewing Co. Because of a poor lighting situation, I turned to a lighting technique that I had not used in a while.

The photo this week is of the singer and guitarist performing. I slowed down my shutter speed but used an external flash to isolate my subjects. Anything that the external flash hits, it becomes still and sharp. The swirls of color that you see are ambient light in the scene that, because of the movement by my camera and slower speed of the shutter, become trails of light. It's similar to when photographers do long exposures for star trails. So the sayings are correct. When hitting a creative wall, keep doing whatever it is to break through it.

About the series: Behind the Lens is a photo column that explores the thoughts and mechanics behind images of the community taken by Decatur Daily photojournalists. These photos resonate with the photographer, either through the story behind the shot or the image itself.

About the photographer: Daniel Busey is a North Carolina native who has been with The Decatur Daily since 2018. He earned an associate's degree in photojournalism from Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina. He has previously worked for The Dispatch of Lexington.

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