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It's never too late to practice keeping your eyes open. As a photographer, it is essential to stay alert to your surroundings, but I am still learning to pay attention to the little details.

I was returning to Decatur from Athens on Monday, wondering how there could be so much traffic congestion at only 2.pm., when I came upon a wreck near Hospitality Park. I stopped to take pictures for the newspaper and was searching for a way to give the scene context. 

As I looked back to Decatur to photograph the congestion, I saw a lone great blue heron, perched on a downed tree in the water. It was silhouetted against the water perfectly.

It is a photograph I had been hoping to make since I moved to Decatur. Here it was, presenting itself at an inconvenient time. It was too good of a moment to pass up. The overcast day provided gentle, diffused light over the landscape that otherwise would have been  too harsh with natural sunlight.

About the series: Behind the Lens is a photo column that explores the thoughts and mechanics behind images of the community taken by Decatur Daily photojournalists. These photos resonate with the photographer, either through the story behind the shot or the image itself.

About the photographer: Daniel Busey is a North Carolina native who has been with The Decatur Daily since 2018. He earned an associate's degree in photojournalism from Randolph Community College in Asheboro, North Carolina. He has previously worked for The Dispatch of Lexington.

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