DL190616 behind the lens

Long before I became a photographer, I was 100% convinced that the best sunsets are those that happen after a summer afternoon storm. Now, it has to be preferably short, otherwise there’s no time for the clouds to part so we can actually see the sun setting. This conviction was further reinforced when I moved to the highlands of South Africa, where all the storms happen during the summer and most precisely in the afternoon.

I’ve never enjoyed so many incredible sunsets after rain as during my years there. These storms occur only in the summer, which is the rain season. In fact, there’s not a drop of rain during the whole winter, also called simply and very properly the "dry season.” Those showers come and go almost with the punctuality of a Swiss train. They are heavy and violent, but short-lived, leaving beautiful, strongly contrasting clouds behind with which the light can play whimsically.

Of course, the Decatur area is no stranger to summer storms. I captured this image last summer atop Whitlow Road, just outside Decatur. I took the picture right after a short storm, as the last few drops were still falling behind me. The fact that the grass was still very wet played in my favor since it reflected more of the sun’s rays off the ground.

About the series: Behind the Lens is a photo column that explores the thoughts and mechanics behind images of the community taken by Decatur Daily photojournalists. These photos resonate with the photographer, either through the story behind the shot or the image itself.

About the photographer: Jeronimo Nisa, who is originally from Spain, has been a photojournalist with The Decatur Daily since 2008. He earned a master’s degree in photojournalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He previously worked in Italy and South Africa.

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