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The Terry family has numerous members in Lawrence County and the surrounding area. This photo shows an annual Labor Day gathering of the United Terry Club in the early 1960s. Story, page G7

The T.J. Russell family built this Victorian home in the Cedar Cove community of Morgan County after a fire in 1906 destroyed the large modified log structure where they had lived. Story, page G12

Matthew Burks and and his family moved from Limestone County to the experimental Cedar Lake community in Morgan County. The community’s mission was to improve conditions for Blacks. Story, page G2

William Chunn Hartsell, seated at left, belonged to the second generation of the Hartsell family to live in Morgan County. The family became the namesake for the city of Hartselle, which eventually added an “e” at the end of the name. Story, page G10


Caston Nathaniel McDaniels. [Courtesy of African American Museum and Library, Oakland, California]