Don’t you just hate it when you can almost remember something, but then it slips away? And then it nags at you until you get it settled? Well, we’re here to create that experience for you.

ATLANTA (AP) — As Sanjay Johnson describes it, his sexual encounter with James Booth on Oct. 2, 2015, was a one-night stand. But it would bind the men inextricably two years later, when Booth walked into an Arkansas police station and accused Johnson of exposing him to HIV.

In Zara Raheem’s fresh debut novel, “The Marriage Clock” (William Morrow), a Muslim-American woman races to find the man of her dreams as her traditional Indian parents threaten to arrange the marriage for her.

There’s no thrill quite like following a protagonist down the rabbit hole and into a new world. Whether it’s Neo from “The Matrix” or Nyssa from “Loose Threads,” the first installment in J. O. Quantaman’s “Cool Assassins” series, we love discovering a setting alongside our audience surrogate…

The beaches in Hawaii are world-renowned, and include calm stretches of white sand in Kauai, surfer-friendly spots in Oahu, and striking lava-created black sand in Maui. No matter which Hawaiian island you choose, there are plenty of stellar beaches available, whether you’re looking for a ki…

Your protective wing may not reach across town and state lines, but you can equip them with these dorm and campus personal safety products to help keep them (and their belongings) secure.

Dear EarthTalk: I was never keen on tent camping but I hear that the new “glamping” trend takes some of the discomfort out of spending the night in nature. Where are some “glamping” hotspots across the United States?

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights urged the Trump administration on Tuesday to offer schools guidance on complying with federal nondiscrimination laws following a review that found students of color with disabilities are disciplined more harshly than their peers.