Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What is left of my eyebrows is fading and thinning. Not a great look. I see ads about fiber eyebrow enhancers. What would you suggest to make my eyebrows look their best?

— Adrienne B.

Dear Adrienne: The number of eyebrow products is overwhelming and confusing. There’s all sorts of ways to spend money on your brows and, sadly, look like you painted them on with a crayon. That’s not what we’re going for. The single best product I’ve found does have (tiny) fibers: Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer (, $4.99). Think of it as mascara for your eyebrows. It adds thickness and goes on easily and is hard to mess up. As a bonus, it covers grays. Since it is a Maybelline product you’d think you could walk into any drugstore and buy it. Wrong. Maybelline has so many eyebrow products that this one doesn’t seem to make it onto the shelves of most drugstores I’ve tried. But it is available online. Give it a try (it’s cheap!) and if you like it, my suggestion is to buy multiples since it seems that every really good product I’ve come to rely on is discontinued within a couple years — and sometimes months.

And another eye makeup question …

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Should “older” women wear false eyelashes?

— Judy F.

Dear Judy: There’s no makeup “shoulds” for women of any age. That dictum applies to false lashes too. Women behind the cash register at McDonald’s and world-renowned movie legends wear false lashes. Look around and you’ll see impossibly lush lashes on women of all ages. The reason is that false lashes have come a long way. They can look natural or dramatic. They’re lots easier to apply than they were in the past. And they stay put. So, if you’re tempted, give them a try.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My waist is smaller than my chest, so I would always buy “slim fit” dress shirts or whatever name manufacturers assign to their tapered shirts — as opposed to a regular fit, which always seem to have abundant fabric around the midsection. Sometimes, however, there were shirts in regular fit that I liked a lot that were not available in the slim version. Which meant I usually had a little more shirt wadded up around the waistline. Other than tailoring the regular fit, should I avoid wearing the regular fit because of the excess fabric, or am I likely the only who notices or cares?

— “Mr. Jones”

Dear Mr. Jones: There are so many “slim fit” shirts in stores and online that you don’t have to settle for wadded up fabric around the waistline. Many men would love to have your physique and wear slim fit anything. If too-big regular fit shirts make you feel uncomfortable, by all means stop buying them. Chances are that the fit of your shirts is not a topic that has your co-workers smirking behind your back.

Angelic Readers 1

One last eye makeup tip …

Patty T. want to share this makeup removal hack: “I went to the doctor because I had like four styes in a row in my two eyes and I was wondering whether I was going nuts. I wasn’t, and she said there’s not really much you can do except for one thing: Wash your eyelids with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (, $1.39). I must say, I was a little hesitant the first time I put shampoo on my eyelids, but it works. The point is to remove any eye makeup that helps clogged pores because that’s what a stye is.”

Angelic Readers 2

Lauren S. writes: “A possible solution for your reader Ruby who has scarring on her legs and needs pantyhose for her new dress is to first use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs body makeup spray (, $11.79) in the correct tone for her. I use it with peep toe shoes, and it is fantastic. Great coverage. If she then needs pantyhose, they don’t have to be as thick or look like support hose.”

From Ellen: I’ve tested leg makeup in the past (but not Sally Hansen brand) and found that the coverage is great but that it rubs off on furniture and clothing. Your suggestion that Ruby wear sheer hosiery to cover her legs after applying leg makeup should go a long way to resolving the rub-off issue. But a test beforehand is a must.

Reader Rant 1

Jacqueline N. gripes: “The inability of the computerized ‘help’ robots on the phone to actually solve a consumer problem. What a waste of consumers’ time! Still have to wait for an agent to come on the line to resolve the issue.”

Reader Rant 2

Spring is in the air so here we go again on the controversy over capris.

Carol W. weighs in: “Ellen, I know your animosity toward capris, but I just want to say I love them. I wear them all the time and I think they look great on me. My feeling is if a women feels great in them, it’s not about you. It’s about that woman who likes the look! If a woman loves the look and she feels good about that look shouldn’t that be enough?”

From Ellen: It should be enough, Carol. But, I still don’t think they’re a flattering look. A couple more inches with pants to the ankle and you’d look even greater.



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