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^Still working for the state after 76 years, 99-year-old woman shares her secrets to health<

^WRK-99YROLD-GOV-WORKER:SA—<May Lee drives herself to work nearly every day at 6 a.m. Her job involves saving the state of California millions of dollars every year through audits and analyzing budgets. Oh, and she turned 99 on Sunday, June 23.

Lee, who is of petite stature and moves about with a walker, said she just loves to work. Her philosophy: "If you keep busy, you enjoy life."

1150 by Jaimie Ding. MOVED


^Legal weed's a growing danger to dogs, so keep your canine out of your cannabis<

^PETS-CANINE-CANNABIS:KHN—<It all started on a Tuesday night, when I came home from work to an unmistakable absence. My brown-and-white pitbull mix, Maizey, wasn't at the top of the stairs to greet me. Instead, she was in her bed, shaky and confused.

When I tried to get her up, she stumbled, nearly falling over while standing still. Walking to the vet, she leaped like a puppy chasing imaginary balls.

Later, at the 24-hour veterinary clinic in San Francisco's Mission District, the staff ran tests and determined Maizey was in no immediate danger.

Instead, they wagered a guess that Maizey was simply high. On marijuana.

1100 by Laura Klivans. MOVED


^Most people won't confront a relative about Alzheimer's. This woman knew it was time<

^HEALTH-ALZHEIMERS:KC—<A survey by the Alzheimer's Association revealed that 9 out of 10 Americans experiencing memory loss would want others to tell them. Yet nearly 3 out of 4 Americans would feel reluctant to share those concerns.

650 by Alexia Diamond. MOVED



^Suicide rates are up 33% since 1999. What's causing it and what you can do<

^LIFE-SUICIDE-RATES-UP:PH—<The suicide rate in the United States increased 33% between 1999 and 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday — the latest in a troubling trend of reports showing more men and women, in nearly all states and across various racial and ethnic groups, dying by suicide. Experts say it's a public health crisis.

600 by Aneri Pattani. MOVED


^Ration Challenge: Can you live on a refugee's rations?<

^LIFE-CHALLENGE-REFUGEES-RATIONS:OH—<One click on a Facebook post opened Tara Cullen's eyes to the plight of refugees.

The 37-year-old Worthington mother of four knows what it's like to go without, and likes to help others. But it wasn't until she saw a post by Church World Service recently that she decided to help refugees overseas.

"I want to help people. I don't care where you come from or what you do," said Cullen, who is one of at least three local women participating in the Ration Challenge.

800 by Danae King. MOVED


^What Republicans and Democrats agree upon may surprise you<

^LIFE-REPS-DEMS-AGREE:PH—<There seems to be very little that Republicans and Democrats agree upon in these times of harsh political discourse, but a Drexel University researcher may have found one: the role of scientific evidence in developing and shaping health care.

500 by Mari A. Schaefer. MOVED



^Social Security: Self employment<

^SRS-SOCIALSEC:MCT—<Many people enjoy the independence of owning and operating their own small business. If you're a small business owner, you know that you have additional financial responsibilities when reporting your taxes. A part of this is paying into Social Security.

400 by Nicole Tiggemann. MOVED



^Balancing Act: Men tell their abortion stories in 2 new essays. I hope it's the beginning of a movement<

^LIFE-BAL-MEN-ABORTION:TB—<Norman Pearlstine, executive editor of the Los Angeles Times, has written an essay about his college girlfriend's abortion, which nearly killed her. Eventually they married, he writes, but they were never able to conceive because of the damage to her uterus.

The abortion was 57 years ago, pre-Roe v. Wade, and was performed by an osteopath working out of an office in south Philadelphia.

700 by Heidi Stevens. MOVED


^Person to Person: Avoid marital suicide by staying proactive<

^SELF-PERSON-TO-PERSON:MCT—<Do you know how to protect your marriage? Getting into relationship "hot water" happens to all of us from time to time.

You know how this goes. A big issue arises, and you both start placing blame. You want to win the argument, so you decide to verbally overthrow your partner.

600 by Judi Light Hopson, Emma H. Hopson and Ted Hagen. MOVED



^Celia Rivenbark: Politics takes a hike this week<

^RIVENBARK-COLUMN:MCT—<OK, kittens, let's take a break from the WWE sport that is partisan politics just for today and go for a nice hike. What could go wrong?

550 by Celia Rivenbark. MOVED


^Jerry Zezima: The height of folly<

^ZEZIMA-HUMOR-COLUMN:MCT—<Because I suffer from acrophobia, which is an irrational fear of being any higher off the ground than the top of my head, I would rather have a root canal while listening to a telemarketer than get up on the roof of my house, a two-story Colonial that could give a mountain goat nosebleeds.

650 by Jerry Zezima. MOVED



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