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The Carnegie Carnival in Decatur raised more than $250,000 from events that culminated Saturday. [DAN BUSEY/DECATUR DAILY]

Carnegie Carnival, which culminated Saturday with parades, music, a half-marathon and art, raised more than $253,000 for the Carnegie Visual Arts Center and other local nonprofit organizations.

The money will go to the Carnegie’s exhibits, summer camps for children, an installation at the Somerville Library, a display at the Huntsville International Airport, a natural dye garden and more.

Funds stemmed from the registration of crewes, the half-marathon and events hosted by king, queen, prince, princess and canine candidates. The king and queen candidates raised money for the Carnegie, while proceeds from the prince and princess events benefited CASA of North Alabama and the canine events went to the Morgan County Humane Society.

The candidate events included a river cleanup, murder mystery dinner, skeet shoot, private dinners, drag queen bingo, self-defense class, Japanese whiskey tasting, paint party, dog fashion show, art auction and more.

On Saturday, the Carnegie Carnival crowned Mark Moody as king, Jodi Green as queen, Jack Orr as prince, Kate Bouchillon as princess, Duke as sir bow wow and Rosie as lady barks-a-lot.

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