Sun’s out, guns out, right? Well, not everyone wants to expose their skin to the sun, particularly when you’re spending hours outdoors on the water. The new Columbia Terminal Deflector Zero Hoodie is part of its performance fishing gear line, designed to provide sun protection for as long as you’re willing to stay in the sunlight. While the fabric has an SPF 50 rating, that’s just the start of the benefits that come with this long-sleeve top. It also features an Omni-Shade sun-deflector fabric that uses small metallic dots on the outside of the fabric to reflect sunlight away from you. The material is also treated with Columbia’s Omni-Freeze treatment, which will cool you down when activated by sweat. While the high-tech bells and whistles sound great, the top is also very comfortable next to your skin, and it does a great job of wicking away excess moisture from your body. The shirt features an internal neck gaiter and an ear-protecting hood for when you want full coverage. The cuffs can even be extended over your hands for additional protection. Whether you’re out on a boat or standing at the edge of the water, this top will offer you the comfort and coverage you need to keep going until you land the big one.

Price: $75,


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