It's not often you get the chance to give away a new car, but that's exactly what Matt Howard, sales manager of Lynn Layton Cadillac Nissan in Decatur, was able to do earlier this month.

Matt handed the keys to a 2019 Nissan Altima SR to Barbara Riggs of Huntsville. She entered the Southeast Region Nissan Altima Sweepstakes, and her online entry was randomly selected as the winner.

Up, up and away

The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi hosted the 2019 state convention at the DoubleTree in Decatur, June 7-9. Sarah Owczarzak was convention chair and Rhonda Cole was the convention vice chair.

The theme for the convention was "Up, Up & Away the Beta Sigma Phi Way.” The opening night included a parade of chapters with 23 chapters and 133 members present. On June 8, Mike Wahl with the Alabama Jubilee served as guest speaker. Each chapter presented a hand-crafted hot air balloon. State awards for yearbooks, scrapbooks, projects, programs and fundraisers were given out. Each chapter presented their Woman of the Year. Decatur’s Kay Chandler was the Woman of the Year for the Alpha Alpha Chapter. The Sophisticated Swingers entertained. On June 9, the members dressed in their finest red, white and blue attire for a salute to America.

Pack 91

Cub Scout Pack 91 had a busy May. At the Memorial Day event at Roselawn Cemetery in Decatur, several pack members led the Pledge of Allegiance and escorted Gold Star Mothers. Blake Carroll, along with his sons Bryce and Aidan, and nephew, Bronson Carroll, honored their grandfather, John Pepper, during the service.

Webelos Scout Garrett Chapman and his dad, Bryan, were able to take to the friendly skies via a hot air balloon during the Alabama Jubilee.

Everything Eva

Eva School has much to be proud of. Principal David Estes and teacher Brenda Stinson Shoeybipour recently retired with a combined 77 years of dedicated service to students. Traci Turrentine has now taken the helm as principal. The John Joseph Kampis Alabama Bicentennial Outdoor Classroom was dedicated in May honoring Joe Kampis, longtime Eva School educator and a favorite teacher. The outdoor classroom was made possible by a grant applied for by Kathy Defoor. The Eva High School Alumni Association reunion will be held June 29 at the school. Registration for the celebration is a must. Contact Jo Anne Makemson Lindley, Class of 1972, at 205-563-3290. This is one party you definitely do not want to miss.

Happy Father's Day

Today is a special day as we pay tribute to our fathers. The lessons I've learned from my daddy are too many to count. I've learned you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear; can't never could do nothing; don't go getting too big for your britches; dance with the one that brung you; some things don't amount to a hill of beans ... and some things do.

Kristie Chambliss learned from her daddy, never get yourself into anything you can't get out of. Deanna Netherton Hill learned that it's important to make lots and lots of friends.

Sarah Jean Champion's dad, who has had a lot of challenges in his life, taught her strength and perseverance. She said that he could've easily given up, but he hasn't.

Amy Clark learned from her father that your word is your bond and to change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles. TJ Burrow learned to never drive faster than you can pay for and don't let your gas get below a quarter of a tank. She admits, however, that she's broken both rules on numerous occasions.

Margie Dumas learned how to snipe hunt from her daddy. Wimbreth Howard's daddy taught her the art of compassion Bridget Terry said her daddy is the hardest working man she's ever known. He taught her, by example, not to expect anything to just be handed to you on a silver platter and it takes hard work and determination to be successful.

Pat Winsett's favorite lesson from her father was, "I never lost a dime on a job I didn't get." Susan Parker was taught to value hard work. Harold Young learned to get up, go to work, give a man an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage. Mitzi Craig learned to always expect the unexpected. Kim Hallmark learned to always shop local. Carey Sutton was always taught God gave you two eyes, two ears and one mouth for a reason. Suzie Wiley's dad and Tina Edwards Boyles’ father both taught to always speak the truth, honesty is key.

Mary Forbes' daddy taught her never to marry anyone with less money, more problems or longer hair.

Delta Sigma Theta 

Last week's column didn't mention everybody who was in a photo from a home buying workshop hosted by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's Central North Alabama Alumnae Chapter and Community Action Partnership of North Alabama. The women pictured are: Quennis Stevenson, Michelle Washington, Judise Lanier, Candy Ayers, Ambra Johnson, Latrica Birgans, Michele King, Ashley Thomas, Ella Troupe, Terry Green and Rachel Davis.

— Freelance columnist Wendy Lang writes Chatterbox. Send news and high resolution photos to
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