Labor Day

Last Monday, locals marked Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer with barbecues, trips and more.

Juanita Healy is recovering from surgery, so spent her weekend eating barbecue and homemade ice cream and watching her family work on her deck. She said that while it was not a traditional holiday for her this year, it was an awesome day. Amy McBride Shelton is also recuperating from an injury that left her in a cast. She spent the day with her leg propped up, watching Netflix and wondering, just like Healy, will this ever end.

JoAnn and Kevin Malcolm enjoyed a visit from their daughter and their grandchildren who drove in from Charlotte.

Shelia Motley worked on Monday at Bank Street Arts and Antiques. She enjoyed the day with many out of town visitors stopping in the shop after visiting the LST 325 at Ingalls Harbor. Donna Underwood also enjoyed her trip to Ingalls with her great niece. It was an exciting adventure for both of them.

Mary Forbes enjoyed relaxing with her poodle and watching their favorite network, Animal Planet, of course. Darlene Parker also spent quality time with her Yorkie. They took a spa day and enjoyed a bath, haircut and nail trimming. Parker assumed the Yorkie enjoyed the day. As for herself, pampering her pooch wore her out. Frances Terry also spent the day with her fur babies. It was a nice, quiet, inside day for all of them.

Teresa and Tom Howell spent the weekend in Gatlinburg celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Cindy McConnell enjoyed the day with her grandsons. After a morning spent swimming, they visited the old cemetery viewing the Confederate graves followed by a trip to Ingalls to view the ship.

Jeannie Parker never does anything half way. She went to an auction on Saturday evening and was stung by a wasp. This made her quite ill, but not sick enough to pass on a four-wheeler ride at midnight. On Sunday, she attended church. Monday brought about a trip to IHOP where her car died. With nowhere else to go, she went home and mowed the yard. All in all and in taking the good with the bad, it was a pretty fine weekend after all.

Gerri Lowry took some time with her friend, Susan. They went to see “Overcomer.” They enjoyed the time spent together, the movie and the air-conditioned theater.

Jennifer Wright and her husband, Sonny, have always believed Labor Day was made for exactly that — labor. And that’s exactly what they did. Connie Hulsey packed her truck for the first of many craft shows and headed to Stone Mountain with her niece, Beth Easterling, in tow.

Ginny Vinson and her family celebrated by spending time together on Lake Martin. Liz Brian celebrated in town cooking out with her family.

Sharon Abbott enjoyed a day relaxing in the pool with friends. It was a treat she doesn’t get as often as she would like, which made it that much more enjoyable.

Suzy Wiley has been playing golf for five decades. She and her husband, Bill, enjoyed their day off playing their favorite game.

Kim Qualls is an avid football fan. She said that this weekend was very near perfect watching football on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. She said, “It just doesn’t get any better than this!”

Bonnie Hamric spent the weekend enjoying the events at Point Mallard. From the water park to the ladies' skillet toss at the Battle for Decatur, it was a weekend to remember. This was the first ladies' skillet toss, and Hamric said it was great fun and it will be back next year as part of the Civil War reenactment festivities. She’ll be there again to try her luck.


Dorian has taken the world by storm, so to speak. While the name sounds like something straight out of a 1970s soap opera, it has affected hundreds of thousands of people over the last week including Mickey Mouse. NASA scientist Brian Mitchell found himself in Orlando over Labor Day weekend working in optimal conditions while travel options to come home on time didn’t pan out. Dustin Bowman and Justin Hall, Disney connoisseurs, were forced to cancel their scheduled travel plans to the Magic Kingdom over the holiday. Newlyweds Haley and T.J. Allen just returned from their Disney honeymoon and when questioned about the weather replied, “There’s a hurricane?”

Internet safety

Hartselle attorney Patrick Caver appears in front of audiences across the state. His presentation, “Birds and the Bees and the Law” offers simple and practical advice that parents can use to ensure that they can recognize, prevent and react responsibly to keep their children safe while using social media. According to Pew Research Center, 85% of children ages 11-17 use YouTube, 72% use Instagram and 69% use Snapchat. It was also noted that over one-third of their parents are unaware of their accounts. Most sites require children to be 13 or older to join; however, younger children have learned how to cheat the system and join at a younger age. As a parent, a church youth minister and an advocate for children, Caver is well versed in the perils and pitfalls that are out there on the internet. Join him at Central United Methodist Church in Decatur on Sept. 15 from 5-7 p.m. This event is free to the public and a must for parents. For more information, contact Caver at 256-751-5991.

Field trip

As a former kindergarten teacher, I was the first to point out that field trips and road trips are two different things. Christy Groves, activities director at City Center Village, begs to differ. Groves loves going out and about and, on Aug. 29, headed to Ingalls Harbor with her veterans to visit the LST 325. Two WWII veterans, Carl Craig and David Proctor, and two Korean War veterans, Paul Thiel and Ron Hilby, attend along with Candy Solomon. They were able to tour the ship and were given first class treatment. Craig hails from the Marine Corps and stated that it had been 73 years and a day since he had served on the USS Bennington. It brought back a plethora of memories.

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