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The annual Crewe O’ Ye Crooked Goat Pirate Ball was held at the Princess Theatre on Jan. 25. It’s safe to say that a good time was had by everyone. This Carnegie Carnival event is always spectacular. Just the presence of their pirate ship on Second Avenue draws a crowd, and this year was no exception. The pirate crew catered the event with a tremendous array of choices, including meats and cheeses, dips and chips, shrimp pasta salad, guacamole, caramel cream cheese tarts, brownies, mini pecan pies and fresh fruit. Entertainment was provided by Sarah Weeks on vocals and keys and a danceable playlist on the dance floor.

Former royalty was presented along with the reigning king and queen Jeff Hallmark and Christy Carter. “The pirates add so much fun and energy to the Carnegie Carnival every year. It was great fun celebrating with them. They know how to make King Jeff the 8th feel good about another birthday,” Hallmark said.

Pirates attending included Steve and Mary Reed, Brian Keith, Ken Olney and Debi Hyde, George and Kathy Silvestri, Tommy DiGiulian, former king Doug Maze, Jackie and Belinda Morgan, Tina Parker and Laurie Vann, India Irwin, Kellie and Kevin Richard, Bonnie Hurst, Marshall Wise, Dawn Callahan and Steve Headrick, Kitty and Rob Weeks, Linda Miller, Penny Linville, Kathy Manning, Dean and Rita Johnson, Darlene Black, Pam Gates, Kay Clark, queen Christy and Zere Carter and Joey Crews. Former royal guests included king Jimmy Dawes, queen Holly Whitt, king Andy Thomas and queen Lindsey Faulkner. Candidates attending included Josh Drake, Mark Moody, Taylor Jones, Natalie Nix Page and Jodi Green. Others attending included Lois Dawes, Bree Drake, Courtney Perrin, Steve Page, Dusty Green, Mandy Backe, Mayor Tab and Sherry Bowling, Dayna Blankenship and Jeff Greene, Dee Farr, Jordan Stephens, Vic Tucker, Anna Tucker, Francesco Scrocca, Ashley Bolton, Jennifer Brown, Christy and John Wheat, Kevin Manning, Linda Thomas, Zach Brock, Annette Shirey, Melissa Ford Thornton, Eric Hunt, Melissa Parker, Larry and Sharon Rowlette, Rebecca Carver, Arnella Clouse-Hanna, Robert McKibbin and Gina and Tommy Lance.

Happy birthday

Last week Pat Sexton celebrated her birthday among friends. The birthday buddy group, which included Margaret Wenzler, Barbara Inscho and Glenda Sartain, descended on Longhorn Steakhouse to pay tribute to their special friend. Her friends took to teasing with the gift of a decorated platter that stated she was 108.

GFWC Alabama River City Women’s Club

Sari Oosta with the Huntsville League of Women Voters of the Tennessee Valley was the guest speaker at the January meeting of the General Federation of Women's Clubs’ AL River City Woman’s Club, which met at the Morgan County Archives in Decatur last week. Since America is celebrating the passage of the 19th Amendment with a yearlong 100th anniversary, Oosta told members about the fight for women’s suffrage in Decatur and the meeting on Jan. 28, 1895, at the Echols Opera House in Decatur where Susan B. Anthony and Carrie Chapman Catt spoke about equal suffrage.

John Allison with the Morgan County Archives shared photos and newspaper clippings of marches and meetings held in Decatur. River City members looked at the displays showing items from the suffrage movement, including a hand-written letter from Chapman Catt on June 14, 1901. Also on display were photographs of Helen Keller, Ellen Hildreth, Eva Sterrs, Susan B. Anthony and Carrie Chapman Catt along with others who led the Right to Vote movement with the League of Women Voters and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Attending the meeting were club president Kathy Archer, Kimberly Lewis, Gloria Stevens, Marcie Ann Kennedy, Ann Delaney, Sherry Stutts, Michele Albright and Wanda Shoultes.

Go, team, go

The Athens Cheer Program is sending two teams of 58 student-athletes to the Universal Cheerleaders Association’s National High School Cheerleading Championship in Orlando, Florida, this month. The Athens High School competition cheer team is made of 30 student-athletes and will compete in the super varsity division. The squad placed second in regional competition to secure a spot at nationals. This is the team’s second trip to nationals and Athens Middle School’s third trip to nationals. The 28-member middle school squad, which placed first at regionals, will compete in the large junior high division.

Coaches are Nicole Stockman, Kristin Black and Paige Hicks for the high school team and Chelsea Aderholt for the middle school team. Both programs fall under the leadership of Athens City Schools Cheer Coordinator Gia Russell.

The championships will take place Wednesday-Feb. 10 and will be televised on ESPN2 and ESPNU.

Lip Sync

One notable highlight of the week was a Crewe Lip Sync competition held at The Brick to raise funds for Mark Moody for Carnegie Carnival king. Competing for the top crewe were Crewe O’ Ye Crooked Goat, Joe Cain’s Merry Widows and Mistresses and Crewe de Rumina and Chaos. Beau Goss was emcee for the musical event. It was apparent as soon as the Merry Widows took the stage and Cheryl Sandlin began prancing, dancing and belting out “These Boots Are Made for Walking” that a star was born. Other performers in the group were Jody Peterson, Vickie Jo Sharp, Shawnta Fleming and Jaci Prance.

— Freelance columnist Wendy Lang writes Chatterbox. Send news and high resolution photos to chatterbox35603@gmail.com

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