Not everyone has Bluetooth enabled devices but with Scosche’s new FlyTunes, you’ll instantly have it added to old and new audio devices. It’s so easy that after using it just once, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The pocket-sized audio transmitter (1-by-1.875-by-0.5-inches) plugs into a 3.5 mm AUX audio output and with its internal Bluetooth transmitter, it will pair with up to two Bluetooth devices at once to send the audio wirelessly.

Now two people traveling together can watch and listen to the same movie on an airline's inflight entertainment or with your own movie player without the need for extra cables or connections. This one device does it all and the setup is easy.

Traveling is just one way of using it; most TV’s have an audio output, which is rarely used and night-time TV watchers can keep the outside noise silent to others with the FlyTunes. Home stereos, gamers and fitness machines are just a few other ways to make use of the Bluetooth audio connection.

If a device has a 3.5 mm audio output, it should work. I couldn’t find anything it wouldn’t work with, including my first generation iPod Shuffle. A multi-function button is on the center of one side and is pressed to pair a Bluetooth headset (not included), turn it on or off or play/pause your audio.

An internal battery will last for 8 hours of use, a USB-C charging cable is included along with a soft storage pouch and a 4-inch 3.5 mm extension cable.

Airplanes have been slow to adapt to audio systems, and since some old connections are still in use, the FlyTunes can adapt with its two folding prongs. They connect to dual outputs or just a single one.

If your headset is Bluetooth, it will work with the FlyTunes. I tried it with a dozen and had complete success. $39.99 available in black or white


The Para’Kito is perfect for this time of year to keep pesky mosquitos away in style.

The bug repellent system has a mosquito protection stylish wristband, which stores the mosquito repellent pellets in a small sachet. Each is good for up to 15 days and slides in an out of a mesh pocket on the outside of wristband bracelets that secure with Velcro closures, that can be worn on your wrist, ankle or wherever.

My wife and I tested the bug repellent wear during a recent night out on a lake. While I can’t guarantee we would have gotten mosquito bites if we didn’t have the wristbands on, we came away from the night bug bite free.

What makes this even better is the ingredients inside the pellets are made with all-natural essential oils, not chemicals and annoying strong scents. They do emit a fragrance, which is typical for most bug repellents, but was not offensive or annoying in any way.

The active ingredients in the oil pellets are citronella (34%) rosemary (22%) geranium (21%), mint (10%), clove (2.5%), peppermint (1.5%) and cinnamon (1%). Para’Kito states the product is a Minimum Risk Pesticide.

The flexible wristbands are Velcro adjustable and are available in all kinds of fun, colorful and stylish choices for adults and children.

If a bracelet isn’t your thing, there are other choices to hold the pellets including repellent clips, which is the version I used (my wife went with the wristband) attached to a belt loop.

Each wristband or clip ($19.50 each) is waterproof and includes two replacement pellets. Addition packs of repellent refills are available in packs of 2 ($13), 6 ($39) and 12 ($78).

The all-natural mosquito repellent oil is also available in a roll-on ($19.50) with a 5-hour efficiency of each use.


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