Stay on trend with this year’s best adult costumes for Halloween. These picks draw inspiration from movies, television shows, comic books and other pop culture.


If you’re looking for an outfit sure to scare, this Pennywise costume will certainly frighten all the trick-or-treaters. INFO: $54.99;

Mommy shark

Where would a baby shark be without its mommy shark? INFO: $39.99;

Avocado & Toast costume

The perfect costume for a millennial duo who enjoy a nice avocado toast from time to time. INFO: $51.99;

Bo Peep

The classic character with an updated twist courtesy of “Toy Story 4.” INFO: $54.99;

Forrest Gump Costume Accessory Kit

“Run, Forrest, Run!” The Forrest Gump kit includes: yellow polo shirt with green trim, red shorts with a white trim, white and red tube socks, and the Bubba Gump hat with attached wig and beard. INFO: $39.99;

“Stranger Things” Eleven

This look comes from Eleven’s season 3 makeover in “Stranger Things.” INFO: $39.99;

Hot dog

To be frank, this costume will be a hit at your Halloween party. INFO: $40;

Inflatable Boo Boo Baby

Captain Marvel

Save the day in this crime-fighting costume. INFO: $54.99;

Inflatable Genie

A magical adventure awaits this Halloween when disguised as the Genie from the Disney classic “Aladdin.” INFO: $59.99;


Pair up with your significant other and flip-flop from party to party. INFO: $45;

Winifred Sanderson

Cast a spell with your two besties this Halloween as Winifred Sanderson from the classic movie “Hocus Pocus.” INFO: $129.99;

Elliott and E.T.

This Halloween, dress up as the classic duo Elliot and E.T. from “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.” The costume kit includes: a red hoodie, fabric crate, handle bars and an inflatable E.T. INFO: $49.99;

Princess Jasmine

All dressed up and ready for a magic carpet ride. INFO: $59.99;


Around since the 1950s, Gumby is a classic choice for your Halloween bash. INFO: $65;

Inflatable Skeleton Diplodocus Costume

Have a dino-mite Halloween this year dressed as an inflatable dinosaur. INFO: $69.99;

S’Mores Costume

If you and your two best buds are inseparable, the s’mores costume may be the perfect fit this Halloween. Dress up as the campfire favorite as a marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker. INFO: $61.99;

Daddy shark

Get the whole family into the “Baby Shark” craze this Halloween! INFO: $39.99;

Sailor Moon

This holiday, let everyone know you fight for love and for justice by dressing up as Sailor Moon. INFO: $39.99;

Inflatable Car Guy

You’ve seen them at the car dealerships, now it’s your turn to stand out. INFO: $30;

“Fortnite”: Rabbit Raider

If you consider yourself a “Fortnite” fanatic, the Rabbit Raider costume is sure to be a hit. INFO: $59.99;

Good Witch of the North

If you’re choosing to be a good witch this Halloween, all signs point to dressing as the iconic “Wizard of Oz” character. INFO: $35;

Flamingo inflatable costume

Shake a tail feather in this pretty and pink flamingo look. INFO: $30;

Carmen Sandiego

“Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” She’s knocking on doors this Halloween, of course! INFO: $49.99;

“Endgame” Bro Thor Robe

This Halloween transform into the more chill and relaxed version of this beloved superhero as “Endgame” Bro Thor. Costume kit includes robe with waist sash; INFO:

Buzz Lightyear

“To infinity and beyond!” Transform into space ranger Buzz Lightyear from the beloved “Toy Story” franchise this Halloween. INFO: $49.99;

Oreo cookie

Trick-or-treat as this sweet treat with your other half. INFO: $60;


Enter a whole new world as Disney’s Aladdin. The costume set includes: a jumpsuit, a purple vest and white pants. INFO: $49.99;


Yee-haw! Partner up with Woody and wrangle some candy this Halloween as Jessie from “Toy Story 2.” INFO: $27.97;

Stormtrooper Costume

Protect the Galactic Empire this Halloween as a Stormtrooper. “Star Wars” kit includes jumpsuit with body armor and two-piece mask; INFO:

“Super Mario”: Luigi

Bring your favorite video game to life in this “Super Mario” Luigi get-up. INFO: $47;

Sam from “Trick ‘r Treat”

Perfect for giving your neighbors a fright this Halloween, Sam from “Trick ‘r Treat” will be a big hit during your quest for candy. INFO: $59.99;

Catch a ball costume

Halloween should be a ball, and what better way to celebrate than bringing the fun along with you in this catch-a-ball costume. INFO: $25;

Princess Leia

No need to be in a galaxy far, far away to impress fellow trick-or-treaters in this Princess Leia costume. This kit includes dress, belt and wig; INFO:

“Riverdale” Archie Andrews costume

Become the coolest jock on the block as Archie from “Riverdale.” Costume kit comes with a varsity jacket and wig; INFO:

Fortnite Drift

Dress up as your favorite Fortnite character this holiday. This set includes: red hooded vest with zippers and white fox mask. INFO: $45;


There’s a new sheriff in town this October. Dress up as Andy’s favorite toy Woody and giddy-up! INFO: $49.99;


Transform into a mystical creature this Halloween. INFO: $40,

SpongeBob SquarePants

Transform into everyone’s favorite sponge this Halloween with this inflatable costume. INFO: $59.99;

Racine Belles: “A League of Their Own”

“There’s no crying in baseball!” You’ll be out of everyone’s league in this knock-out costume. INFO: $49.99;

“Star Wars”’ Darth Vader

Cross over to the dark side as Star Wars’ Darth Vader. INFO: $50;

Harry Potter robe

Cast a spell this Halloween as Harry Potter; INFO:

“Stranger Things”’ Jim Hopper

Trying to solve a mystery this Halloween? Lead the investigation as Police Chief Jim Hopper from the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” INFO: $70.19;


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