Need a little last-minute something to help fill the stocking of the traveler on your list? Check out these fun, functional and fabulous gifts.

A gift made for (gasp!) regifting

For travelers who like sustainable anything (as more and more do these days), Sea Bags has a fun stocking stuffer: a nautical chart wine bag, made on the working waterfront in Portland, Maine, featuring a hand-spliced hemp rope handle ($40). The company was founded on the concept of sustainability and uses recycled sail cloth in its wine bags to replace disposable ones used for gifts that typically end up in landfills.

Like the repurposed sails they’re made from, the machine wash/line dry wine bags are designed to keep traveling. To that purpose, each bag includes an integrated log for documenting its travels — that is, designating who the bag was gifted (recycled) to and the date. One bag can be passed along from friend to friend over the years for various occasions. Fun tip: Write your own name on the bottom line so that one day it will (hopefully) be returned you. What a memento of a journey well-traveled over the years. (

Cute cubes for compact packing

Traveling fashionistas will appreciate iFLY’s four-piece packing cube set ($24.99) in reigning “it” color rose gold. Made to maximize space inside the case, the set includes multiple sizes (one small, two medium and one large) and is perfect for beautifully organizing and storing an array of items: clothing, accessories, toiletries, cables, cords and more.

Each cube has an easy-grasp handle, color-matched zippers and pulls, and a mesh front so travelers can see contents within. The washable cubes are also available in blush, mint, ice blue and grape and will seamlessly match iFLY Rose Gold and Candy Collection luggage. The sets are sold exclusively at Walmart. (

A let-your-hair-down party game

Slip a game into the stocking of a host so it can be pulled out and set up for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations with family and friends. You Don’t Know My Life! ($31.99/Amazon Prime), created by entertainment journalist Dennis Hensley and game designer Jeb Havens, is a party game about “the quirky little experiences that make us all human.”

Think Cards Against Humanity with a softer touch, the result being a holiday game that lets everyone learn a little bit more about each other in a fun way, and keeps the conversation from straying into those politically divisive land mines that seems to happen whenever families gather for the holidays. (

Simple, stylish, sustainable hydration

Fressko has the perfect hot-beverage cup for traveling coffee-holics. The Camino Cup ($29.95), part of Fressko’s Café Collection of vacuum-sealed, scratch-resistant and reusable coffee cups, features a stainless steel inner and a spill-proof, screw-in lockable lid. It’s also lightweight and chemical-free and fits beneath industry standard coffee machine portafilters and within a standard car coffee cup holder. But what really puts it over the top is the extra little touch of internal barista measurement lines marking 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces.

Fressko has something for tea-drinking travelers and those who love flavored water, too. From its Original Range of reusable bamboo and double-walled glass insulated water bottles are two irresistibly-named models: the sleek 13-ounce Tour ($34.95), a borosilicate glass flask with leak-proof bamboo lid, and the sophisticated 15-ounce Trip ($34.95), a hard wearing bamboo flask with stainless steel inner and leak-proof lid. Equipped with a two-in-one infuser, the bottle keeps the preferred beverage hot or cold for a minimum of 12 hours.

Inspiration on the go

Stressed-out travelers can always use a pick-me-up, and author Sally Tippett Rains provides dozens of them in her latest book, “Choose Happy: Find Contentment in Any Situation” ($22.95). It’s filled with the inspiring stories of dozens of contributors who have faced challenging situations, and it’s rounded out with motivational verses and beautiful photography. It also has a holiday connection: One of the stories shared in the book is written by Karolyn Grimes, who played Zuzu Bailey in the 1946 holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” arguably one of the most inspirational movies of all time. (


Even though they are designed for traveling, once a Sea Bags wine bag finds a home port, it generally ends up repurposed rather than regifted.

Photo: Sea Bags

iFLY’s Four-Piece Packing Cube provides a fresh pop of color in savvy storage solution.

Photo: iFLY

The game, You Don’t Know My Life!, sprang from the list of the offbeat interview questions of an entertainment journalist who would pepper in questions like, “What movie did you see when you were way too young to see it?”

Photo: Provided

Fressko’s highly functioning line of tea and fruit-infuser water bottles and coffee cups are sleek, stylish and sustainable.

Photo: Fressko

Dip into some inspiration with the new book, Choose Happy: Find Contentment in Any Situation, by Sally Tippett Rains.

Photo: Provided




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