Seeking unique and extraordinary experiences as well as ways to enhance and relish those great vacation moments? Check out these tech devices, accessories and search engines.


“Matchmaker, matchmaker/Make me a match” with an amazing, experiential travel package.

Stride, the first marketplace for all experiential travel packages and expert-planned vacations, has a search engine for that. TripFinder was recently launched to become the first online matchmaking experience that makes it easier than ever to find the right tour — from relaxed multiday, multigenerational trips to personalized extreme sports adventures.

“The best way to experience extraordinary trips is to go with a local guide, someone who can show you the best spots,” says Stride Founder and CEO Gavin Delany. “The trick is to find the best guides who know how to uniquely navigate their destination. You don’t want to go to the most popular pizzeria in Italy, you want to go to the best pizzeria in Italy. That’s where Stride comes in — all of our 30,000-plus itineraries are planned by experts — and our TripFinder will even match you with the right guide and expert-planned trip for your style and budget.”

Classic Italy, “Game of Thrones,” Inca Trail treks, Danube River cruises, African safaris — whatever your touring desires, TripFinder can ferret it out, and in about 90 seconds, matching travelers with the ideal multiday, multi-destination trip based on traveling style, pace and budget. TripFinder sifts through more than 30,000 tours, river cruises and adventure experiences in 164 countries and offered by more than 1,200 travel companies, helping you have your best experience ever while keeping you from falling into a research rabbit hole. (;


If you write it down (and be very specific!), it will come true. That’s the philosophy behind My Infinite Agenda ($39), a personal vision board planner that helps you keep track of appointments and commitments while also making your goals and dreams a reality.

Creative, comprehensive planners, in beautiful colors like periwinkle and blush accented by silver foil, feature calendar, sticker pages, weekly pages, goals and dreams trackers, vision board pages, daily schedule and more. Additional sticker packets and My Infinity pens are also available.

Co-creator Raquel Suarez Groen says the planner lets you “keep track of your gratitude, short-term dreams, long-term goals and wildest dreams next to your everyday schedule so you can keep track of what really matters.”

As fellow creator Katie Copland says, “Goals and dreams slip away when you don’t pay attention to them. My Infinite Agenda merges the daily grind with the soul’s deepest desires, the most important parts of yourself … so you can have the life you want to live.” (


In a sea of eco-friendly, reusable beverage bottles, there is one that not only hydrates but satiates with a snack as well. FLPSDE ($34.95) offers a patent-pending dual chamber design to hold water on one side and nuts, granola or other munchies on the other, and provides a wide mouth on both ends for easy loading.

Made of pro-grade stainless steel/BPA-free materials, the bottle keeps food and beverage fresh so they taste how they should, with cold items remaining cold and hot items hot for hours — thanks to a vacuum-insulated outer chamber. An easy-to-clean removable inner chamber separates snacks from the outer chamber, and an easy-to-grip silicone band means a comfortable carry. The bottle has broad, low-profile caps for a sturdy foundation (no matter which end is up) and an extended lip that fits fingers for simple, upright carrying. (


Here are seven ports of potential from a single USB hub: The Nucleum ($49.99) is slim, compact and lightweight yet muscular, keeping users powered up to keep their creativity flowing. Designed for content creators with the included SD and microSD slots, Nucleum has a power delivery pass-through to charge connected devices. So go ahead: Use the mouse, monitor and accessories with your notebook, power up your MacBook while also running your external hard drive and charging an iPhone — even add more pixels using the 4K HDMI output. (


Vivitar’s first-ever action camera with dual screens (one front-facing selfie screen and one rear-facing preview screen) is very affordably priced at $69.99. The Vivitar 4K Dual Screen Action Camera is a 16-megapixel still camera that captures ultra HD video footage. With an included bike and helmet mount, users can strap it on and start recording video selfies and snapping still-photo selfies as soon as their adventures begin, then share the images across social media networks via the device’s Wi-Fi connectivity.

Equipped with waterproof, shockproof and dustproof casing, it comes with a USB charging cable and is available at Walmart. (




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