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Gerald Harbin

Sheriff why do we allow her to go free after what she did ,if she can steal legal or illegal why can’t everyone else she should go to prison just like other thieves do

James McCutcheon

This is the OLD SOUTH CITY in a Modern Era, Hartselle has had a Civic Center since the 70's and DOWN TOWN is DOWN way DOWN. It is rediculous. THE EPA is on Decatur about the ROTTED leaking sewage systems that are just patched. many streets are just paved sewage repair overs. Decatur Good and being slow and mismanagement. Not progressive. It is an Ole Boy System of Old Money. They all have something to hide and the Sheriff did what dozens of other Sheriffs did but did it illegally.

Loyd Wallace

When is the Decatur City Government going to bring Decatur into the times we are living in?
Revitalizing the old Downtown would be great if anyone wanted to go there!
Having all the fantastic Parks, including a new Dogie one, if there was a reason. Hartselle has a fantastic park complex that hosts Statewide and even National Tournaments.
All I see from Decatur is wasting many thousands of Tax Dollars doing another survey or study of things that will never be done! Example; spending the money for a study of which STREETS NEED TO BE PAVED! Why not spend the money paving the streets? Do these people not drive around town? Do they not pay for a Department that should already know this?
Now they are going to spend MILLIONS more to widen the Beltline?? A dead-end street to a dying part of the city, because there is NO ACCESS to the Beltline! Highway 72 should have been widened when the Interstate was built! Now they have allowed business to build all the way to the curbs at the intersection with Highway 31 (6th Avenue) !!!!
What are the clowns that run this city thinking?

James McCutcheon

Loyd the city so called leaders are getting a little under the table, the rich old boys run the town so money flows into their pockets. The waste that is created goes into their pockets. I doubt any of the ones in charge have ever had to drive is a poorer part of decatur. The Chemical companies own the city leaders. Even Hartselle is 50 times more progressive than Decatur. We renovated the Princess theatre an they don't even use it properly. If it is not an Idea from an ELITE DECATURITE, it is not going to happen. They have a Social Club and no one is invited.

Loris Drake

I don not know how to convince authorities that the Joyce Drake 43 yr.old murder case can be solved but I challenge the Decatur Daily to allow me to present my testimony of observations. I have confidence in the intelligence and discernment of our interested citizens that a grand jury hearing would result.

Debbie Russell

I remember this murder. Shocking at the time. Joyce Drake, Mary Faye Hunter and Mrs. Acker killed at the motel in Decatur are three murders that never been resolved, but should be.

david kelley

Loris can you call me my number is 256-686-0266

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