On July 15, 2021, at approximately 6:00 p.m., Limestone County Sheriff’s Office (“LCSO”) received a call regarding a drowning male subject located in the water at Easter Ferry Rd. and Morris Rd. Deputy Jake Abernathy, Deputy Richard Clanton, Deputy Lucas Ferrell, Deputy Mike Bloodworth, and Lt. Rhett McNatt responded to the call. Blake Allison with the LCSO Boat Unit, Athens EMS and members of the Elkmont Volunteer Fire Department also responded to assist. Deputy Abernathy was on his way home and was the first to arrive on scene. Upon arrival, and entry into the woods, the male victim was spotted approximately 800 yards from the bridge, and on the opposite side from where deputies were located. Deputy Abernathy entered the water, swam across, retrieved the victim, and fought the swift current. Deputy Ferrell also entered the water to assist Deputy Abernathy retrieve the victim. Lt. McNatt and Deputy Clanton assisted in pulling the victim out of the water. Once on shore, Athens EMS administered first aid, and the victim was responsive. Elkmont Fire Department supplied a stokes basket to transport the victim. LCSO, Athens EMS and Elkmont Volunteer Fire Department assisted in the long transport of the victim, over very difficult terrain, to be loaded onto an ambulance and transported to a MedFlight unit, where he was taken to Huntsville Hospital. [LIMESTONE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE/COURTESY VIDEO]

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