In a special called meeting Wednesday, the Lawrence County school board voted to spend more than $100,000 to repair a gym floor at one school and to remove bleachers to prepare for work on another gym floor.

District 2 board member Gary Bradford said the record rainfall the area received in late February and early Mach was the culprit that severely damaged the gym floors at Moulton Middle School and Hatton High School.

“The floors got moisture under them and buckled up,” he said.

The board voted to accept low bidder Covington Flooring of Birmingham for labor and materials to replace the gym floor at Moulton Middle School, not to exceed $84,835.

Alabama Contract Sales of Auburn received the $24,000 contract for the removal, storage and reinstallation of bleachers to allow gym floor repair at Hatton High.

Superintendent Jon Bret Smith said the school board has not approved a bid for the actual floor repair at Hatton High. "The bleachers are only a year old and have to be removed by and reinstalled by a certified company," he said.

He said funding for the two projects will come from a state supplemental fund dedicated to repairs, transportation, safety, technology and classroom instructional support.

“This fund is a true blessing to a county school system like ours,” he said. Smith added the county’s attorney is involved and “we’re pursuing insurance on this. We hope the insurance pays for it.”

Smith said he felt at least one of the floors will be finished when school starts in August.

“Moulton Middle’s gym will be ready for the start of school, and we’re not sure about Hatton’s,” he said. “The one at Hatton can be used until the process begins. As far as being able to practice, we can’t do much the way the floor is cupped.”

He said he believes work on the floors will start early next week.

Board members Reta Waldrep and Christine Garner did not attend the 7 a.m. meeting.

The board’s next regular meeting is June 24 at 6 p.m. or 256-340-2442. Twitter @DD_Wetzel.
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