Earl Clayburn Coburn

Earl Clayburn Coburn

HILLSBORO — A Lawrence County man has been charged in the Friday night shooting deaths of a father and son.

Earl Clayburn Coburn, 58, of 14 Lawrence County 368, Trinity, has been charged with two counts of capital murder in the deaths of Micah White, 32, and Hubert White, whom relatives said was in his 60s, Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell said today. Both victims lived in Lawrence County.

Coburn also was charged with one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle, one count of shooting into an occupied dwelling and two counts of menacing.

The menacing charges are misdemeanors, but all the other charges are felony counts.

A release from Mitchell said Micah White is Coburn's former son-in-law.

Mitchell said investigators determined that Coburn used his vehicle to block Micah White’s Ford F-350 pickup from leaving a parking lot at New Antioch Church of Christ on Lawrence County 217 near Hillsboro. The release said Coburn then jumped out of his vehicle armed with a pistol and shot and killed White, who was still sitting inside his truck.

Mitchell said Coburn then pointed the pistol at White’s passenger before jumping back in his vehicle and fleeing the scene.

The sheriff said that Coburn then traveled to Hubert White’s home and shot and killed him inside his residence. Mitchell said deputies located Coburn shortly after the shootings near Veterans Park on Lawrence County 214, where a brief standoff ensued.

Mitchell said that Coburn pointed a firearm at the responding deputy, before being talked into putting the weapon down.

The sheriff said that Coburn told the deputy that he had killed Micah White and then realizing that he was going to be in serious trouble, made the decision to go to the elder White’s home to kill him.

Mitchell said the investigation is continuing.

Mitchell said that Coburn is currently being held in the Lawrence County Jail with no bail set.

The two victims were shot to death about three-tenths of a mile apart early Friday evening, Lawrence County Coroner Greg Randolph said.

Micah White was pronounced dead at 6:25 p.m., Randolph said. Hubert White was found at his residence on Lawrence County 217 and pronounced dead at 6:37 p.m., Randolph said.

Both victims had multiple gunshot wounds, Randolph said.

Mindy Harris of Hillsboro, a relative of both victims, said Micah White had been preparing to travel to Chattanooga to compete in a drag race. His Cargo-Mate racing trailer was hooked to his pickup at the church.

Micah White owned White's Body Shop on Alabama 24 near the Jack's fast-food restaurant in Caddo, relatives said. He had been drag racing for four years.

Derrick Randolph of Decatur, a relative of both victims, said Micah White loved to work on cars and motors.

"I remember when he was 12 or 13 he would help his family and friends try to fix their cars," Randolph said. "He always loved working on vehicles. He was self-taught."

Hubert White was a hair stylist at New Image Salon on Danville Road Southwest in Decatur. White was known for wearing Hawaiian shirts, shorts and flip-flops year-round on the job. He formerly owned a hair salon in Hillsboro that was near his home.

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