A man charged with capital murder for allegedly killing two people in North Courtland in July 2017 was recently indicted by a grand jury on another charge while he awaits trial.

Kevin Deshaunn Deloney Jr., 22, now faces a charge of second-degree assault for striking fellow Lawrence County Jail inmate Cory Leon Orr with his fist, described by the grand jury as a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, and causing "severe lacerations and face contusions." The indictment was filed in June.

Lawrence County Chief Deputy Tim Sandlin said the assault took place in February.

Deloney faces a death penalty or life imprisonment if convicted of the 2017 slayings of Jimmy Lee Bolding, 34, of North Courtland, and James Lemark Madden, 41, of Muscle Shoals. The murder charge alleges he killed the men during an armed robbery.

According to a defense motion seeking to dismiss two of the four counts in the murder case, prosecutors plan to argue the homicides were in connection with an armed robbery. A robbery is being alleged, according to the defense motion, because prosecutors claim Deloney and another person purchased marijuana from the victims, but investigators found no money in the trailer where the victims were killed.

"From this the state hopes to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant stole all the drug money contemporaneous with the killing," wrote John Mays, Deloney's lawyer. "The state cannot prove the victims had any money and if they did, they cannot prove that the defendant took any of it."

A second man was also charged in the slayings initially, but after an Aug. 15, 2017, preliminary hearing, District Judge Angela Terry ordered Tamorris Oneil Bolding, 24, of Muscle Shoals, released and said the state presented insufficient evidence to show probable cause he committed the crimes.

The second degree assault charge Deloney now faces is a Class C felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

In addition to Deloney, the grand jury issued indictments against the following defendants: 

• Dustin Joshua Abbott, 31, possession of controlled substance.

• Kesha Darlene Anderton, 30, possession of controlled substance.

• Deborah Carleen Ansel, 54, possession of controlled substance.

• Shelly Michelle Ayers, 32, possession of controlled substance.

• Kenneth Behl, 51, sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years of age.

• Ryan Tyler Bevel, 26, second-degree rape.

• Bridgett Monique Bishop, 44, possession of controlled substance.

• Bryain Ray Box, 48, two counts possession of controlled substance.

• Anthony Dijon Brackins, 27, distribution of controlled substance.

• Hampton Luke Briscoe, 22, first-degree theft.

• Jordan Wade Brooks, 30, trafficking stolen identities, three counts second-degree possession of a forged instrument.

• Candie Renee Browning, 20, identity theft, third-degree receiving stolen property.

• Emily L. Byars, 43, five counts third-degree possession of a forged instrument.

• Christopher Devin Carmack, 26, possession of controlled substance.

• Rube Nicole Cartee, 37, two counts possession of controlled substance, first-degree possession of marijuana.

• Kenneth Colby Cathcart, 30, sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years of age, two counts first-degree sodomy.

• Doreen Church, 50, discharge of a gun into unoccupied building/vehicle.

• Jeremy Allen Cole, 32, second-degree theft.

• Marcus Lamar Coleman, 36, first degree possession of marijuana.

• Morgan Paige Collier, 24, possession of controlled substance.

• David Deayne Cook, 53, possession of controlled substance.

• Jody Lee Cook, 34, two counts possession of controlled substance.

• Thomas Charles Cooper, 35, possession of controlled substance, chemical endangerment of a minor.

• Thomas Wilson Cornell V, 29, third-degree forgery, third-degree possession of a forged instrument.

• Eva Denese Cottingham, 55, possession of controlled substance.

• Megan Ladawn Cross, 29, three counts possession of controlled substance.

• Brendon K. Dotson, 38, giving false name to officer.

• Charles Edmond Dryer III, 38, first-degree attempted theft.

• Ryan Tyler Dunlap, 26, second-degree theft.

• Joshua Allen Early, 42, two counts possession of controlled substance.

• Betty Faye Echols, 60, second-degree burglary, first-degree criminal mischief.

• Posey Jerome Echols, 44, possession of controlled substance.

• Shemar Rashad Echols, 20, first-degree possession of marijuana.

• Heath Brian Garner, 48, first-degree theft by deception.

• Raymond Chad Gibson, 43, possession of controlled substance.

• David Gerald Grassel, 35, possession of controlled substance.

• Justin Caleb Greene, 37, breaking/entering a vehicle, second-degree theft, third-degree burglary/dwelling, third-degree theft.

• Mary Kaytlin Gregg, 24, possession of controlled substance.

• Kera Beth Griffin, 25, third-degree burglary, second-degree theft.

• Jonathan Todd Halbrooks, 27, first-degree possession of a forged instrument.

• Wesley Adrian Hall, 40, third-degree burglary.

• Jermaine Chantel Harris, 35, trafficking methamphetamine.

• Melanie Smallwood Harris, 48, possession of controlled substance.

• Vincent Lamar Hewlette, 28, possession of controlled substance.

• Darius Termayne Hill, 32, two counts third-degree burglary, two counts first-degree theft.

• Shannon Edward Hill, 32, possession of controlled substance.

• Deanna Kristie Hodge, 22, third-degree theft.

• Alec Michael Hollaway, 23, possession with intent to distribute.

• Michael Brandon Holmes, 33, transmitting obscene material to child, electronic solicitation of child.

• Amber Nicole Holt, 28, possession of controlled substance.

• Ronald Jason Hood, 35, possession of controlled substance, first-degree possession of marijuana.

• Shane Dalton Ingrum, 30, third-degree burglary, first-degree possession of a forged instrument.

• Dakota Lee Jetton, 26, first-degree assault.

• Shannon Heath Johnson, 43, possession of controlled substance.

• Sharon Rakele Johnson, 25, three counts possession of controlled substance.

• Jessica Lynn Joseph, 34, first-degree receiving stolen property.

• Sawyer David Kilpatrick, 23, breaking/entering a vehicle, first-degree receiving stolen property.

• Jackson Lamar Kump, 29, possession of controlled substance.

• Michael Steven Lee, 34, third degree burglary, first-degree theft.

• Jimmy Lynn Letson, 24, first-degree theft.

• Heather Devona Liles, 35, possession of controlled substance.

• Sonja Nichole Long, 40, first-degree possession of marijuana.

• Shawnda Barrett Martin, 40, possession of controlled substance.

• Talisha Chambers McCann, 47, possession of controlled substance.

• Timothy Aaron McCary, 41, possession of controlled substance.

• Preston Robert Shane McDill, 23, possession of controlled substance.

• Austin Wayne McLemore, 22, possession of controlled substance.

• Julio A. Erazo Mendez, 21, possession of controlled substance.

• Jordan Wiley Miller, 23, first-degree receiving stolen property, breaking/entering a vehicle, two counts second-degree theft, first-degree possession on marijuana, third-degree burglary.

• Ryan Hunter Morris, 23, first-degree rape, second-degree rape.

• Kevin Ray Newsom, 40, possession of controlled substance, first-degree possession of marijuana.

• Quittney Lashae Nichols, 28, first-degree possession of a forged instrument.

• Matthew Jon Nile, 24, first-degree possession of marijuana.

• Ronnie Christopher Overton, 46, distribution of a controlled substance.

• Jeffrey Scott Owens, 49, possession of controlled substance.

• Kevin Ray Poole, 46, possession of controlled substance.

• Joshua Edward Priest, 30, sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old.

• Sara Paden Pruitt, 24, sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old.

• Devin Nelson Ratliff, 30, two counts possession of controlled substance.

• Kayla Renae Reed, 29, possession of controlled substance.

• Jackie Edward Rogers, 53, sex offender registration/notification act violation, enticing a child to enter.

• Gabriel Cain Rosilez, 23, possession of controlled substance.

• Sammie Jo Sales, 32, second-degree financial exploitation of elderly, identity theft, five counts third-degree forgery, chemical endangerment to a minor.

• Christopher William Self Jr., 20, third-degree theft.

• Christopher Lynn Shaw, 32, possession of controlled substance.

• Kevin Duane Sheldon, 42, three counts fraudulent use of a credit/debit card.

• Spencer Tyler Shelton, 28, third-degree burglary, second-degree theft.

• Franklin Eugene Slaten Jr., 57, possession of controlled substance.

• Tracie Leann Smith, 35, three counts possession of controlled substance.

• Deborah Richardson Stout, 48, three counts possession of controlled substance.

• Gregory Keith Streater, 56, discharge of a gun into an occupied building/vehicle.

• Shamon Gregory Stutts, 42, possession of controlled substance.

• James Joseph Swader, 48, possession of controlled substance.

• Brenda Sue Swartz, 60, first-degree theft.

• Mitch Tramel Tanksley, 43, sex offender registration/notification act violation.

• Dustin Keith Terry, 32, two counts first-degree sodomy, sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years of age.

• Zachary Michael Thornsbury, 29, two counts identity theft.

• Jacob Matthew Totten, 28, first-degree possession of a forged instrument, possession of controlled substance.

• Fredericka Matrice Walker, 31, second-degree promoting prison contraband.

• Jason Scott Whitaker, 40, possession with intent to distribute, possession of controlled substance, first-degree possession of marijuana.

• Farren Maxwell Whitworth, 58, second-degree burglary.

• Austen Larry Williams, 31, possession of controlled substance.

• Ryan Marcus Williamson, 29, third-degree theft.

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