MOULTON — Four people were in Lawrence County Jail today after a shot was fired in the direction of a Moulton police officer who was investigating a burglary in progress, authorities said.

The weapon was fired in the northern part of Moulton just before noon today.

Moulton Police Chief Lyndon McWhorter said it appears a shotgun blast was fired while one of the four suspects was fleeing a vacant house at 585 Pinhook Road.

McWhorter said the suspect was apprehended trying to flee in a GMC truck reported stolen from Decatur. The suspect was not able to leave the scene.

Two men and two women were detained at the scene. McWhorter said he did not have identities of the suspects who were being processed at the county jail about 2 p.m.

He said the suspects face burglary, theft, receiving stolen property and drug charges.

The truck bed was loaded with clothing, cigarettes and a large duffle bag. The source of the items was not immediately known.

The Lawrence County Sheriff Office and the Internal Investigation of Alabama Corrections assisted in the arrests.

McWhorter said the investigation is continuing.

Meanwhile, nearby schools were back to normal conditions this afternoon after being temporarily placed on secure perimeter status during the incident, a school official said.

Several business owners in downtown Moulton said they also locked their doors after getting messages about the schools being on secure perimeter.

The shooting comes a week after a Tuscaloosa officer was killed while responding to a call.

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