Kenneth Wayne Adams


A Limestone County man was charged with murder in a grand jury indictment filed Thursday in connection with a shooting that deputies said was precipitated by an ongoing property dispute.

Kenneth Wayne Adams, 60, of 25085 Hobbs Loop in Ardmore, was released on $250,000 bond after being charged in the fatal March 28 shooting of a 60-year-old Elkmont resident, William Allen Brantley. 

The 7:30 p.m. shooting took place near the intersection of Rooker Lane and Oak Grove Road, south of Ardmore, according to deputies.

At the time of the incident, the Limestone County Sheriff's Office said the shooting followed "an altercation that arose apparently concerning a years-long property dispute."

"We had been out there earlier in the day," Limestone County Sheriff's Office spokesman Stephen Young said at the time.

Young said both men were armed when the altercation took place.

Kenneth Adams' bond was posted by James Adams of Lester, according to court records.

Limestone County District Attorney Brian Jones filed a motion requesting that the court add an additional condition to the bond.

"The state asserts that the defendant have no contact with the victim's wife ... or any member of her family," Jones wrote. The court had not ruled on the motion late Thursday.

Murder is a Class A felony punishable by up to life imprisonment.

Court records suggest Kenneth Adams has also had property disputes with other neighbors.

In 2016, a Rooker Lane resident filed a misdemeanor harassment claim alleging Adams came onto his property challenging him to a fight over a land dispute. When asked to leave, according to the complainant, Adams "then unclipped his holster on his gun." Adams was found not guilty.

Also in 2016, a woman residing on Hobbs Loop filed a misdemeanor harassment complaint against Adams alleging he cursed at her and her daughter when she took photos of his dogs as evidence in an ongoing civil lawsuit. Her misdemeanor case was dismissed. The civil suit, a property dispute, is pending.

The year before, the same woman and her husband filed a misdemeanor complaint against Adams for allegedly allowing his cattle to enter their property. Adams was found not guilty.

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