ATHENS — It’s prime road-paving season, and numerous projects are underway across Limestone County.

The resurfacing of the nearly 4.4-mile stretch of Harvest Road from Alabama 251 to the Madison County line could be finished this week, depending on weather conditions, said District 1 Commissioner Daryl Sammet.

The roadway is getting a chip seal layer first and then will be paved, Sammet said Monday at a commission meeting.

The contract with Dothan-based Wiregrass Construction Co. also includes guardrail installation and road striping.

“That’ll probably take place in another week or so,” Sammet said. “Harvest Road is one of the main roads on the north end of the county that feeds traffic to the east. It carries a lot of traffic.”

He cautioned motorists that there would be some loose gravel on the roadway until the plant mix surface is applied.

The road is being widened by a foot on each side, making it 22 feet wide, according to County Engineer Marc Massey.

Wiregrass Construction is also working on a project to widen a 1,700-foot portion of East Limestone Road.

“They’re trying to get the base ready on the sides of the road, and they’re getting ready to put in drainage structures,” said District 2 Commissioner Steve Turner.

He said the rainy weather has held up progress on the road work.

Plans are to build three 12-foot-wide lanes, creating a center turn lane, on a section of the road around East Limestone High School.

In addition to those projects, 35 road improvements are scheduled through October in Limestone County, at a cost of more than $800,000, according to a construction plan that the commission approved in March.

“We’re doing pretty well as far as holding to the schedule,” said county engineering assistant Hunter Daws.

County crews are putting down a three-layer chip seal surface on District 4’s Robinson Lane from Alabama 99 to the end, about 8 miles northwest of Athens; and on Cannon Road from Tillman Mill Road to Fort Hampton Road.

District 4 Commissioner Ben Harrison said Quinn Road from Zehner Road to Blackburn Road is also being patched in various locations to fix base failures.

He said the Robinson Lane and Quinn Road projects could wrap up this week, depending on weather conditions, and the Cannon Road work will probably take another week or so.

The commission on Monday approved an agreement with the Alabama Department of Transportation in which the county will maintain the equipment for a traffic signal at U.S. 72 and Burgreen Road and Dupree Worthy Road.

The intersection has been the scene of fatal crashes over the years.

The state will purchase and install the equipment, according to a letter from Mark Dale, ALDOT’s Tuscumbia area engineer. or 256-340-2438. Twitter @DD_MAccardi.
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