River Death

A Morgan County Rescue Squad boat pulls into the harbor Tuesday. The Rescue Squad positioned boats near the Ingalls Harbor entrance and near the downed power line, which was in the vicinity of Nucor Steel and Independence Steel. One man was killed on the Tennessee River on Tuesday evening when he struck a low-hanging power line while he was traveling in a fishing boat.

The U.S. Coast Guard had closed the Tennessee River where a bass boat ran into a power line and a fisherman was killed Tuesday afternoon.

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(3) comments

Kenneth Runager

Perhaps a warning should have been placed at the boat launch facilities in the area to alert boaters of the problem area. Utilities are required to post warning signs on roadways when they are installing or repairing facilities and are requited to stop traffic when lines are being pulled across lanes of traffic! Why is a river crossing so different? Could it have been shift change time for the TVA boats warning watercraft of impending danger?

Sue Garner

How are boaters supposed to KNOW about an "alert" like this. Why didn't they pay or have the rescue squad out there to stop boats. They did a great job in keeping us a safe distance from the fireworks show the other night....

Craig Stover

Steve, I think the alert mentioned in the article was issued after the accident. Regardless, I am sure the investigation is going to find that something could have been done to avoid this tragedy. It does seem like TVA could have asked Marine Police to be in the area to warn boaters or TVA could have had boats in the water with hazard lights.

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