Local AT&T customers experiencing phone service disruptions but needing emergency help should try texting 911 or use Wi-Fi calling, a Morgan County Sheriff's Office spokesman said.

"If you do use text, please include your location," the Sheriff's Office advised on Facebook.

A Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville damaged an AT&T central office, affecting service in several states.

"I can confirm that service is disrupted in Alabama due to the explosion yesterday in Nashville," Jim Kimberly, director of corporate communications with AT&T, said in an email today.

While the outage has affected AT&T customers' ability to call, "Morgan County 911 is still fully operational," according to its director, Jeanie Pharis. "We can receive texts to 911 because this is an internet-based program and we are not on AT&T internet. If someone is able to make a call or text, we are able to receive."

Morgan Sheriff's Office spokesman Mike Swafford said this morning that data links used by deputies on patrol were temporarily unavailable on Friday but were back in service this morning. Deputies had to use the radio to check tag numbers, for example, Swafford said, rather than being able to access the information by computer link.

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