The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state rose by 29 in the last 24 hours to 167, according to data released this morning by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Locally, Morgan and Lawrence counties have no confirmed cases. Limestone has one, which was previously reported. Madison County jumped from 12 to 17 over the 24-hour period, and Lauderdale remained steady at two.

The largest concentration of positive coronavirus tests continues to be Jefferson County, which rose from 61 cases Sunday morning to 79 this morning. Madison, Shelby and Lee counties are next, with 17 each.

The number of counties with confirmed cases held steady at 21.

The county-by-county breakdown, and the increase from Sunday morning's report:

Jefferson: 79 (+18)

Madison: 17 (+5)

Shelby: 17 (unchanged)

Lee: 17 (+3)

Tuscaloosa: 7 (unchanged)

Elmore: 6 (unchanged)

Montgomery: 3 (unchanged)

St. Clair: 3 (+2)

Lauderdale: 2 (unchanged)

Baldwin: 2 (unchanged)

Chambers: 2 (+1)

Cullman: 2 (unchanged)

Mobile: 2 (unchanged)

Limestone: 1 (unchanged)

Calhoun: 1 (unchanged)

Jackson: 1 (unchanged)

Lamar: 1 (unchanged)

Marion: 1 (unchanged)

Talladega: 1 (unchanged)

Walker: 1 (unchanged)

Washington: 1 (unchanged)

Total: 167 (+29)

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