Paul McKinley “Kin” Evans

“Kin” Evans

In one of his final conversations with his mother before his death, Paul McKinley “Kin” Evans told her he had “talked to the Lord and was saved,” an emotional Teresa Anderson said Monday.

Evans, a former three-sport athlete at Lawrence County High who resided in Hartselle, died Saturday at Decatur Morgan Hospital following injuries he sustained after being hit by a car on Alabama 24 west of Decatur.

He was 42.

“God, I miss him,” Anderson said, as tears poured down her face. “He was my only boy. My only boy.”

Decatur police spokeswoman Emily Long said a Trinity man traveling east on Alabama 24 hit Evans as Evans tried to cross Alabama 24 on foot Saturday. She said emergency officials were dispatched to the scene at about 8:51 p.m.

According to family members, Evans had been in a single-vehicle accident and was crossing the highway trying to get help.

Morgan County Coroner Jeff Chunn said Evans was initially transferred by ambulance to the emergency room at Decatur Morgan Hospital Parkway Campus on the Beltline. He said emergency officials were transferring Evans from Parkway to Huntsville Hospital when he went into cardiac arrest.

“They had to divert and carry him to Decatur Morgan,” Chunn said.

The coroner said he pronounced Evans dead at the hospital at about 10:35 p.m. Long said the investigation is ongoing.

“It’s just hard to believe Kin is not with us anymore,” said Josh LouAllen, who played football and baseball with Evans in high school and is currently the head baseball coach at Muscle Shoals High.

He described Evans as a fierce competitor with a desire to win and play at a high level. LouAllen also remembers the times when he and Evans fought on the playgrounds in Moulton.

“I told my kids the other day that you don’t have many friends you can be in a fistfight with until both of you are tired, then go in the house and eat a sandwich together,” LouAllen said. “That was Kin.”

Evans and LouAllen were 1995 graduating classmates.

Randall Stevenson played basketball with Evans in high school.

“He was a three-point guy, the ultimate teammate and an Alabama football fan,” Stevenson said. “The last time I talked with him, we talked about the good old days, and he always mentioned his daughter because she was doing well in high school. He was proud of her.”

His daughter, Brie, graduated from West Morgan in 2018 where she played volleyball and basketball. She is currently a student at the University of Alabama Huntsville.

Evans was an all-county football, basketball and baseball player at Lawrence County High. Steve Meek, who is currently the head football and baseball coach at Decatur Heritage Christian Academy, coached Evans in football and baseball at LCHS.

“He was a very good quarterback and he played baseball one year for me,” Meek said, adding that Evans had a good attitude when it came to working, but also knew when to crack a joke.

He chuckled when he recalled the times Evans would come to the sidelines or when he was discussing game strategy with him.

“He always wanted to throw the ball deep no matter what the game situation was,” Meek said. “He was good at that, but I always had to explain to him that we couldn’t throw the ball deep on every play.”

Wesley Daniel played high school football with Evans.

“He was super competitive and the ultimate teammate who would bust his rear end to make you and the team better,” Daniel said.

Leeann Craig is one of Evans’ three sisters. She said her brother “had a lot of problems for several years” and “wasn’t out and about a lot” but “he loved everybody and was funny, especially when he was around my children.”

Anderson said her son was struggling with some personal problems and closed his world to just about everyone but her. She said he never stopped loving people and “I encouraged him to talk with God and put things in God’s hands.”

Less than a week ago while visiting her son, Anderson said something about him was different and she saw glimpses of the fun-loving son who played sports hard and loved people hard.

“He looked at me and said ‘Momma, God talked to me and I got saved,’ ” she said.

A memorial service for Evans will be today from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Riverside Church in Decatur.

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