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Clint Shelton

The Decatur Daily has been vital to our community since its beginning in 1912, home to the dedicated, passionate journalism you love, trust and support.

While that focus remains steadfast, we want to inform you of an important change to the delivery of your daily newspaper. The needs of our customers, subscribers and advertisers are evolving. With more and more of our readers engaging with our content online, we are changing the frequency of the print edition to five days a week.

Beginning March 5, the print edition of The Decatur Daily will be delivered daily except Saturday and Monday. The monthly subscription rate, unchanged since 2015, will not change.

Reader habits are changing, and we’re adapting to those changes.

The Daily’s audience today is larger than at any time in newspaper history. The Wednesday print audience is 43,000 readers, comparable to Sunday, which traditionally has been the highest readership day. We also generate monthly visitors from 232,000 different digital devices, which include smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Annually, www.decaturdaily.com generates 18 million page views.

One of the reasons for the shift in frequency is newsprint, our single-largest expense outside of payroll. Our newsprint cost is increasing a minimum of 22 percent, or $300,000, in 2018 for the company. Almost 40 percent of that increase follows a new tariff levied on newsprint Jan. 8.

Rest assured that, while the frequency of the print edition is changing, our commitment to covering news, sports, events and stories every day of the week remains a 24/7 priority for our staff and journalists. Our dedication to providing trusted local news and information to our community is unwavering. We will continue to report the news as it happens through our many online platforms, including www.decaturdaily.com, our mobile editions and e-Editions.

To illustrate the evolving way people receive their Decatur Daily news, usage on mobile phone and tablet devices has increased 114 percent in just two years. Our monthly digital users has increased by more than 54,000 visitors, or 32 percent.

As a member of The Decatur Daily family, we encourage you to explore all of the benefits we provide:

• Enjoy unlimited access to local news from any device at www.decaturdaily.com;

• New email Newsletters: Saturday and Monday Comics, Daily Obituaries and Funeral Notices, and Monday and Saturday Morning News Briefings;

• One of the top Weather Apps with breaking news text alerts;

• Coupons, grocery deals and retailer bargains to save you hundreds of dollars each week;

• The Decatur Daily e-Edition five days a week.

We’re committed to keeping you connected daily. If you have questions regarding digital access or need assistance, our dedicated service specialists are here to help. You can call us at 256-340-2410 or email us at circulation@decaturdaily.com. Our specialists will help you activate your account so you can take full advantage of our content daily on your phone, desktop and tablet.

Once again, our staff, journalists and I want to thank you for your continued support of local journalism.

— Clint Shelton, Decatur Daily publisher

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Dixie Boy

The evolution of the local Media involves the steady decrease of local advertising $dollars$ as the national Media has taken from the local markets any box store $dollars$...dying off is a more accurate description of what is happening to the local Media markets...

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