Hartselle Mayor Don Hall said he can’t explain how his name became associated with an online dating service marketed to married people who are seeking an extramarital affair, but he denied visiting the site.

Ashley Madison, a Canada-based site whose slogan is, “Life is short. Have an Affair,” was hacked and the personal information of more than 36 million users was stolen.

Hackers stole information in July, but started dumping the information this month, including an Alabama list that has the alleged names, addresses and e-mail accounts of Ashley Madison users.

Hall is on the Alabama list.

“I have no explanation for why I’m on the list,” he said.

Read more in Tuesday's edition of The Decatur Daily.

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Pamela Blakely

CLARIFICATION: Gary - we do not have anything better to report. If this information was posted in error, we will of course print a clarification buried somewhere in our ever growing newspaper.

We have a cracker jack team of investigative reporters researching this topic. Our investigative journalism has revealed that it is almost impossible for someone to create a fictitious account using someone else's name and information.

If you did not like this article, you will not like Sunday's front page examination of what Jackson thinks about the topic.

We are also looking into a series on whether Council-Manager form of government results in fewer cases of use of computers to create false identities.

Pamela Blakely

Dwight, why don't you get a real job instead of trying to be a poor excuse for an apprentice comedian.l

Doesn't the Decatur Daily have anything better to report?

Enough of this guy...1st he's in Athens drinking (DUI)..now this?!!!! Wake up Hartselle

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