District 4 candidates composite

From left: Democrat Juanita Allen Healy, Republican Parker Duncan Moore and independent Polan “Pete” Willis Jr.

MONTGOMERY — Election officials in Morgan and Limestone counties are expecting a low voter turnout in the Tuesday special election to replace former Rep. Micky Hammon in the Alabama House.

Kate Terry, chief clerk in the Morgan County Probate Office, said today she expects about 8 percent turnout. Terry said that because the larger Republican and Democrat primaries for many statewide and local offices is just three weeks away, this House District 4 race may be getting lost.

“I think people are just set on June 5 and I think they’ve just forgotten about this one,” Terry said.

In Limestone County, Probate Judge Charles Woodroof is also predicting single-digit turnout in the five precincts in House District 4. He said a total of five people voted absentee in the race. In the February GOP runoff, five people voted absentee and the total election turnout was a little over 4 percent of registered voters.

“Usually (absentee) is a good indicator of what election day turnout is going to be,” Woodroof said.

Democrat Juanita Allen Healy, Republican Parker Duncan Moore and independent Polan “Pete” Willis Jr. want to replace Hammon, who was removed from office last year after agreeing to plead guilty to a scheme to use campaign funds for personal use.

Whoever wins Tuesday will have to immediately begin campaigning again to keep the seat a full four-year term in the November election. Parker faces GOP rival Tom Fredricks in the June 5 primary. Parker defeated Fredricks in the special February GOP runoff.

Because it’s a state office, the counties will be reimbursed by the state for the cost of Tuesday’s election.

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