A man is in custody after a standoff this morning in the 1600 block of Danville Road Southwest that began after a report of shots fired, according to Decatur police.

Police fired a flash-bang grenade and multiple gas canisters into a residence as they spoke through a bullhorn trying to get the man to come out. After a tense standoff, a shirtless man left the house and was taken into custody at 8:48 a.m.

Capt. Jeremy Hayes said police received the report of shots fired outside the residence at about 6 a.m.

"He was waving the firearm around and discharging it recklessly. Upon arrival, the subject went back into the house. Officers investigated and located at least one residence and one car that had been fired into," Hayes said. "The subject would not respond to officers and at that point a perimeter was set up and our SWAT team and negotiators were called in."

Hayes said negotiations took place for a lengthy period of time before a decision was made to deploy gas. An officer warned the subject through a bullhorn that gas would be deployed in five minutes, and began a minute-by-minute countdown as he told the man to exit the house with his hands up. 

The SWAT team stood behind a SWAT van on Danville Road until shortly before the gas was deployed with a gas launcher. They then walked closer to the house, maintaining cover behind a vehicle parked next door. Windows could be heard shattering as the gas canisters were fired into the house.

"We deployed gas and the subject eventually came out without incident," Hayes said. "He had no injuries and gave us no incident after that. Nobody else was injured."

Hayes said the man resided in the house where the standoff took place.

Danville Road was blocked off from Westmeade Street to Evelee Street during the standoff.  

The incident occurred just north of Austin Junior High.

Read more in Wednesday's edition of The Decatur Daily. 

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James Henderson

Concerning Decatur policemen living outside Decatur driving their police cars as much as 20 miles to work, with Decatur’s crime you can’t blame them for wanting to live outside Decatur.

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