A caller to the Morgan County E-911 Center earlier this month told a dispatcher that an intruder at the home was shot when he tried to kill residents there, according to a 911 transcript.

“We had an intruder,” the female caller told the dispatcher. "And he tried to … he tried to kill us and we shot him. He’s still in the house.

“… He’s … he’s laying here. He’s been shot.”

The transcripts of two 911 calls were obtained by The Decatur Daily through a public records request.

The dispatcher continued to question the caller, asking if the residents shot the intruder. “We did. He was hurting us. He was trying to kill us. He come in our bedroom beating us.”

The man was identified as Tchaasu Ankhkara Taylor, 24, of Madison, according to Decatur police. Taylor was pronounced dead at the scene by Morgan County Coroner Jeff Chunn, police said.

Decatur police believe Taylor acted alone and said the case was to be presented to a Morgan County grand jury.

According to Decatur police, the Morgan County E-911 Center received a call at about 2:15 a.m. on May 13 of a burglary in progress at 83 Creek Meadow Drive in the Trinity police jurisdiction.

According to the transcript, the caller told the dispatcher that the intruder cut her on the arm and her husband somewhere on his head with a knife. A daughter in the home wasn’t hurt, she said.

When the dispatcher asked about the gun, the caller said there were two guns. The caller described the intruder as a black male they didn't know.

“There’s glass everywhere,” the caller said, adding that the intruder broke in the back door or back window.

“We’re unsure if he’s breathing,” the caller said, referring to the intruder.

“I’m not getting too far from the pistol, though,” she said. “I’m just telling you … because he’s still in my house.”

The caller told the dispatcher that she had blood down her back.

“I’m feeling it drip as I’m standing here and I don’t know where I’m hit or I’m cut or anything,” she said.

The daughter also called 911, telling the dispatcher someone had broken into the home and she heard her mother screaming after hearing glass break. She also told the dispatcher she heard shots fired.

Another person at the home, a man, then talks to the dispatcher, saying he shot the intruder.

“I shot him,” the caller said. When the dispatcher asks if the intruder is still inside the home, the caller said he was. “I had to shoot him twice,” the caller said.

He told the dispatcher that the gun was on the counter-top next to the sink.

The daughter told the dispatcher that her mother was cut with a knife, and her left arm was bleeding.

“He had a knife and a cane,” she said. “He had a cane, yeah. That’s how he got in. I heard … that’s what I heard initially pound on … on the door.”

The dogs, she said, “actually gave us a warning first.”

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JP Bama

Good for these homeowners! I'm glad they were armed.

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