Decatur City Schools filled its final administrative vacancy Tuesday when the school board hired Jonathan Barron as assistant principal at Decatur High.

He replaces Mark Christopher, who transferred to Chestnut Grove Elementary as principal.

Barron has a doctorate in education leadership from Samford University with 14 years of educational experience and will make $97,471 annually, according to Chief Financial Officer Melanie Maples.

He comes to Decatur from Lawrence County High in Moulton, where he was an assistant principal. Lawrence County Superintendent Jon Bret Smith said the assistant principal position has been posted, and he hopes to have somebody in place by the time students return Aug. 7.

In another Decatur High development, Brad Boy, a Decatur graduate, former girls head basketball coach and social studies teacher for 25 years, resigned to accept an administrative position at Thompson High in Alabaster.

“Decatur High has been my life, but I’ve wanted to get into administration and this opportunity became available,” he said.

Boy was the girls head coach for 13 seasons before he resigned as head coach in 2018. His relationship with the basketball program, however, dated back to 1992 when he worked as a volunteer coach for Mike Smith while in college at Athens State. Decatur won state championships in 1995 and 2000 while Boy was an assistant. The Red Raiders were runners-up in 1996 and 2001. When Smith retired in 2005, Boy became head coach.

He was just the second girls head coach since Decatur started the program in 1976 with Smith as head coach.

Decatur Superintendent Michael Douglas said the district has most of its teaching positions filled, but will likely have a special board meeting before students return Aug. 7 to “hire last-minute teachers” because of some unexpected resignations this week.

The following is a list of certified personnel matters the school board approved Tuesday.


• Austin High: Susan L. Giguere, science teacher.

• Austin Middle: Laura Thrower Vines, physical education teacher.

• Career Academies of Decatur: Ricky Lowell Washburn, career tech teacher.

• Decatur High: Bradley S. Boy, social studies teacher.

• Decatur Middle: Tonja Renee Whitenack, language arts teacher.

• Woodmeade: Leigh Whiddon Vincent, fourth grade teacher; Gerry Francis Hargrove Harris, first grade teacher.


• Austin High: Luke Moore, math teacher.

• Austin Middle: Melanie Stewart, seventh grade English language arts.

• Banks-Caddell: Jamie Weimann, kindergarten teacher; Sonia Morrow Hargrove, kindergarten teacher; and Melissa Byrd, second grade teacher.

• Decatur High: Jonathon Barron, secondary assistant principal; Scott Reed, Army ROTC non-commissioned officer instructor; Mary Ake, math teacher.

• Decatur Middle: Trista Lynn Rogers, CTE-Greenpower/Engineering; Emily Hampton, seventh grade English language arts.

• Special Services: Cecilia Anne Ivey, special education teacher; Edward J. Orum, secondary special education teacher; Angela Willingham, secondary special education teacher; Jessica Letson, ESL teacher; Leah Robinson, ESL teacher; Lindsay Sims, gifted teacher; Tristin Wood, special education teacher.

• Walter Jackson: Trevor Pharris, third grade teacher.

• West Decatur: Caitlin Marie Williams, third grade teacher.

• Woodmeade: Teresa Shaver, pre-K teacher.

Change of contract

• Austin Middle: Joanna Leigh Holcomb, from Schedule A1, Rank BS, Step 0 to Schedule A2, Rank BS, Step 5; James A. Morrison, from Schedule A2, Rank BS, Step 7 to Schedule A2, Rank BS, Step 10; Jacob Michael Handley, from Schedule A1, Rank MA, Step 0 to Schedule A1, Rank MA, Step 3.

• Career Academies of Decatur: Amy Elizabeth Foster, from Schedule AA, Rank MA, Step 19 to Schedule AA, Rank MA Step 20; Whitney Warren, from Schedule A9, Rank BS, Step 0 to Schedule AA, Rank BS, Step 7.

• Eastwood: Taylor Foutz, from Schedule A1, Rank BS, Step 0 to Schedule A1, Rank BS, Step 1.

• Special Services: Shelley Bowling, from Schedule AH, Rank MA to Schedule AI, Rank MA; Carson Price Jones, from Schedule A1, Rank BS, Step 0 to Schedule A1, Rank MA, Step 0.

• West Decatur: Dana Strickland-Creech Jetton, from Schedule A1, Rank MA, Step 2 to Schedule A2, Rank MA, Step 11.


• Austin High: Christina Lea Johns, from teacher at Austin High to gifted specialist at Special Services effective 2019-2020 school year; Jessie Jay Daniel, from physical education and health at Austin High to Greenpower at Austin Junior.

• Austin Junior High: Drew M. Williamson, from physical education at Austin Junior High to physical education at Austin High.

• Banks-Caddell: Sarah K. Harrison Smith, from second-grade teacher at Banks-Caddell to librarian at Banks-Caddell.

Short-term contracts

• Career Academies of Decatur: Jonathon Dry, CTE-Construction teacher.

• Decatur High: Sabra Ann Davis, long-term substitution with proposed certified rate.

• Special Services: Karen Peavy Bobbitt, intervention; Shena R. Ivey, homebound teacher; Rachel M. Brannon, intervention; Karen P. Alexander, intervention, Tier 111-RTI/PST.

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