District 3 incumbent Paige Bibbee wants a second term on City Council and says Decatur made big improvements in infrastructure, cleanliness and beautification during her first term.

She is facing three opponents, Ray Glaze, Carlton McMasters and Philip Wright, in the Aug. 25 municipal election. If necessary, the runoff would be Oct. 6.

The city’s largest district, District 3 stretches from Point Mallard in Southeast Decatur to Spring Avenue in Southwest Decatur and covers the Flint, Indian Hills and Burningtree areas.

Bibbee, who defeated longtime Councilman Gary Hammon four years ago, said she approached her service as a councilwoman as a full-time job even though it’s considered a part-time position. She served as council president for the last three years.

“I love it,” Bibbee said. “And, if you look at the numbers, it was a very productive term.

“Every issue that’s on the council agenda, I get the facts and I even visit the site of the issue if there is one. I then share this information with my fellow council members who might not have the opportunity to do such a follow-up,” she said.

Bibbee said this council made major increases in road paving so that it was up to $1.3 million for fiscal 2020.

She said the city took over upkeep of the rights of way along state highways throughout Decatur in 2017.

As council liaison to the city school board, Bibbee said she led an effort to improve the relationship between the city and school board.

“Prior to my term, the council had one meeting in 10 years with the school board,” Bibbee said. “I go to every school board meeting I can, and I support them in hiring of SROs and other ventures.”

Bibbee said she also led the moves to hire the Osprey Initiative to put out litter traps and the $50,000 purchase of litter-catching grates.

“We hope to renew that contract with Don Bates (of Osprey) and spend another $50,000 for more litter grates,” Bibbee said.

If reelected, Bibbee said, she wants to continue supporting the growth projects that began in her first term. The city built a $1 million sewer extension that will support new subdivisions that are underway off Old River Road.

The city received a $14.2 million federal grant for a $20 million overpass at Alabama 20.

Bibbee said she’s worried about the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the city budget for 2021.

“We want to follow up and still be aggressive with the roads identified (for improvement) by the Magnolia River map,” she said, referring to an engineering firm's prioritized recommendations for road upkeep.

Bibbee said she would also like see Carrie Matthews Recreation Center either repaired or replaced and repairs to the Point Mallard Ice Rink done as soon as possible.

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(6) comments

Clinton Herbert

Everyone on the council and the mayor need to be replaced.

jAMES burnside

The city would be best served by the fire department rescue unit doing theis service of transporting paticents .

Sam Cat


Chuck Johns

Not once has she made an effort to "visit" to look at the issue I have, and I live within 2 miles fo her front door. Hopefully, my next council rep will be a bit less reclusive.

Laura Pannell

I think she would do a better job if she would just stop the personal vendetta against t he ambulance service and do her job to help the city. First response might not be the best ambulance service but it is a good one for the town and the only one for the town. Stop trying to shut them down and recruit a second service if you think they can do a better job.

Charlie Specoli

FYI, they have tried recruiting, no one wants to come here. First response is it's own worst enemy, I've had to use them and they have junk trucks and some attitude problems, probably from the stress of working there.

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