The city of Decatur will soon need a new chief financial officer after John Andrzejewski gave notice that he will leave office effective Jan. 22.

The City Council unanimously approved Monday allowing Human Resources Director Richelle Sandlin to conduct a search for a new CFO.

Sandlin said the application period will be for 30 days starting today or Wednesday. Salary range for the job is $86,328 to $131,359.

“We will advertise on the usual job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn,” Sandlin said.

The City Council will then review applications, select candidates for a public interview and hire the CFO.

Councilman Billy Jackson said this is the way the search should be done.

“The council needs to be able to look at all of the applicants because we’re in charge of the selection,” Jackson said.

Jackson wasn’t happy when previous hires of other directors were made following protocols that didn’t allow the council to review applications in the initial stages.

“John was a good hire but that’s not always been the case,” Jackson said.

While his notice is officially a resignation after just over three years with the city, Andrzejewski, 63, said Monday he is retiring after 46 years in federal, municipal and county governmental finance.

“I don’t have to work and, with the COVID-19 going on, I have enough stuff in my personal life to keep me busy. It’s time to retire,” Andrzejewski said.

A New York native, Andrzejewski came to Decatur after serving as director of finance for Northampton County, Virginia. He previously served as finance director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency and a budget director of the Department of Homeland Security — Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Andrzejewski in September 2017 became the city’s first CFO since Gail Busbey left in 2009. He arrived as the council was considering Mayor Tab Bowling’s second proposed annual budget.

“I’ve learned so much from John about establishing a budget,” Bowling said. “I’d put a lot of contingencies in the previous years, and John removed all of the contingencies in his budgets. He prefers budgeting for the known needs, and he doesn’t like earmarks.”

Jackson, the lone remaining council member from last term, said Andrzejewski’s retirement is a “huge loss” for the city.

“John has done a really, really good job,” Jackson said. “He stayed on top of our expenses. He worked hard to make sure all of the council members understood our finances so we could make the right decisions.”

New Council President Jacob Ladner said he hates that the CFO is leaving so early in his first term. The new council members took office Nov. 2.

“John has done a great job,” Ladner said. “The city definitely needed a professional CFO. He did a great job of developing a budget and leading the (city) departments.”

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