City revenues continue to rise, giving Decatur the ability to fund a number of large projects — including additional paving approved this week — while keeping a flexible budget, Chief Financial Officer Kyle Demeester reported.

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Charlie Specoli

While council members love to brag about what they do with the budget, and now how much money is coming in and looking for other ways to spend it, they still forget who got the city as to where it is,year in and year out. The retired city employee. While revenue may be great for the city coffers and the economy has apparently affected the city revenue, it has with the retired city employee. This council majority as others before it have failed miserably in taking care of it's retirees with a cost of living raise. However in contradiction of council Mc Masters claim months ago, stating that not many cities like Decatur have given cost of living raises to it's employees, they in fact have Decatur is at the top of the list of a city that hasn't. Now to brag on revenue, where is the excuse nto to give the retired employees a cost of living raise? When there isn't an excuse, they go with the one that the Mayor and Mr. Mc Masters gave when the issue came up last year, the retirees knew what they were going to make when they retired. Easy to say and arrogant from individuals who serve and get paid, and get paid for the businesses or they jobs they have or own. Arrogance abounds in Decatur, and it starts in the council chamber.



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