Decatur City Schools approved the following personnel items during its meeting on Tuesday:



• Austin High: Millainya L. Cammarata, math teacher

• Austin Middle: Laura A. Smith, career technology teacher

• Oak Park Elementary: Mary Beth McCollum, first grade teacher

• Special Services: Michael Wayne Holt, collaborative teacher


• Austin High: Jacob Siefert, social science

• Austin Junior: Joshua Marshall, social science; Melissa Jarvis, art teacher

• Austin Middle: Katlyn Sutton Brooks, seventh grade ELA; Nicole Kmoch, teacher/band director; Zachary Underwood, art teacher; Joanna Holcomb, sixth grade ELA; James Morrison, physical education.

• Benjamin Davis: Michelle Hoffman, STEM teacher; Shelley Busby Hughes, second grade; Sara Barton, first grade

• Career Academies of Decatur: Charlee Moore, health science; Whitney Warren, health science.

• Decatur High: Alyssa Cerge, counselor

• Decatur Middle: Deborah Ann Wendolek, ELA teacher

• Frances Nungester: Stacy Morgan, library media specialist; Chelsea Moore, fifth grade teacher

• Special Services: Carrie Barragan, ESL teacher; Brandi Gray, special education teacher

• Walter Jackson: Alexis Rice, second grade teacher

• West Decatur: Dana Jetton, counselor

Change Of Contract

• Austin Junior: Amber Leanne Bates, from Schedule A2, Rank MA, Step 6 to Schedule A2, Rank MA, Step 8

• Banks-Caddell: Tara Rene Vincent, from Schedule A1, Rank BS, Step 0 to Schedule A2, Rank BS, Step 10

• Career Academies of Decatur: Shelton S. Cobb, from Schedule C3, Rank AA, Step 19 to Schedule C3, Rank AA, Step 22; Angela P. Cushing, from Schedule AA, Rank MA, Step 17 to Schedule AI, Rank MA, Step 17.

• Central Office: Emily McDowell Elam, from Schedule C3, Rank AA, Step 8 to Schedule C3, Rank AA, Step 11; Thomas Edward Davis, from Schedule C3, Rank ID, Step 7 to Schedule C3, Rank ID, Step 10; Wanda Y. Davis, from Schedule C3, Rank ID, Step 11, to Schedule C3, Rank ID, Step 14; Stefanie S. Underwood, from Schedule C3, Rank ID, Step 16 to Schedule C3, Rank ID, Step 19; Larry Eugene Collier, from Schedule C3, Rank ID, Step 21 to Schedule C3, Rank ID, Step 24.

• EXCEL: Ressa Fulks Chittam, from principal at EXCEL, Schedule B6, Rank MA, Step 13 to principal at EXCEL/Career Academies of Decatur, Schedule C4, Rank MA, Step 8

• Oak Park Elementary: Janet Lowery, from Schedule A2, Rank BS to Schedule A2, Rank MA

• Special Services: Datie I. Priest, principal contract extension

• Technology: Elizabeth Brittan L. Lovelace, from Schedule A2, Rank MA, Step 18, to Schedule AI, Rank MA, Step 18; Faith Hanna Plunkett, from Schedule A2, Rank BS, Step 6 to Schedule AI, Rank BS, Step 6.

• Transportation: Chipley S. Miller, from Schedule C3, Rank AA, Step 22 to Schedule C3, Rank AA, Step 25.


• Austin Junior High: Phillip Breck Hastings, from 8-9 grade health science at Austin Junior High to 11-12 grade sports med at Career Academies of Decatur

• Austin Middle/Career Academies of Decatur: Kendria S. Martin-Sutherlin, from teacher at Career Academies of Decatur to Counselor at Austin Middle

• Decatur High: Jonathan Max Dashner, from drama teacher at Decatur High to Teen Connections/Intro to Spanish at Decatur Middle

• Special Services: Christy Mitchell Anders, from special education teacher at Special Services to kindergarten teacher at West Decatur

Short-term contracts

• Austin Middle: Rebekah Higgins, instructional coach

• Austinville: Janet Wood Foster, reading coach

• Banks-Caddell: Caroline Bell Lee, classroom teacher; Judy E. Joseph, reading coach; Celina Suzanne Daniel, classroom teacher

• Chestnut Grove: Lauren Patrick Potter, classroom teacher; Benja James Ringler, reading coach

• Eastwood: Amy S. Hawkins, reading coach

• Frances Nungester: Lesa Sharpley Torain, reading coach

• Julian Harris: Misty James Oliver, reading coach

• Oak Park Elementary: Melissa H. Gann, reading coach

• Special Services: Cheri Holsclaw Page; Robin Burks Clay; Joni Sue Bair; and Elizabeth Jean House, EL coaches.

• Summer School: Carol Conner; Megan Hulsey; Karen Drake Tuten; and Leigh Ann Pannell

• Walter Jackson: Natasha Desean Hereford, reading coach

• West Decatur: Susan I Blake, reading coach; Sara Elizabeth Vest Lacy, classroom teacher

• Woodmeade: Melissa K. Herring, reading coach



• Central Office: Cassandra L. Ayers, receptionist (retirement)

• Professional Training Center: Casandra Montefu Garrison, CNP van driver


• Austin High: Teresa Elliott, teacher aide; Annette Clemons, custodian; Anthony Mason, custodian

• Benjamin Davis: Kim Bledsoe, head custodian; Mollie Hogan, custodian

• Chestnut Grove: Joann Cordell, instructional paraprofessional/teacher aide

• Decatur High: Casandra Montefu Garrison, chorus accompanist/aide

• West Decatur: Joshua Pitts, head custodian

Change of payroll status

• Central Office: Mandi Hastings Jones, from Schedule C3, Rank MA, Step 4 to Schedule C3, Rank MA, Step 7; Tammy L. Russell, from Schedule G, Rank GD, Step 18 to Schedule G, Rank GD, Step 23

• Maintenance: Dustin H. Free, from Schedule M1, Step 3 to Schedule M1, Step 8

• Transportation: Brittany Nicole Nantz, from Schedule MG, Step 0 to Schedule V, Step 0; Allen Stewart Garrison, from Schedule MG, Step 2 to Schedule V, Step 2.


• West Decatur: Darkena Montesa Peebles, from aide at West Decatur, Schedule K, Rank KK, Step 4 to teacher at Frances Nungester, Schedule A1, Rank BS, Step 0, 9 mos., general fund

• Professional Training Center: Thomas L. Stephenson, from CNP worker, Schedule C, Rank CE, Step 7 to CNP van driver, Schedule N, Rank ND, Step 2

Short-term contracts

• Julian Harris: Andea Nicole Lyle, office aide

• Summer School: Kristen Meadows, nurse

Previous board approvals (verified start date and/or experience):

• Central Office: Araceli Vergara, start date June 4.

• Decatur City: Prentice Devaughn Thomas, from unassigned to science teacher at Decatur High, Schedule A1, Rank BS, Step 0, start date July 31.

• Special Services: Sarah Pearson Welborn, start date Aug. 2, Schedule K6, Rank RN, Step 0, 7.5 hrs., 182 days, general fund.

— Deangelo McDaniel
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