In addition to the 4% state-mandated raise, elementary principals in Decatur City Schools and six supervisors will get an additional pay raise beginning July 1.

The school board on Tuesday approved Superintendent Michael Douglas’ recommendation to give every elementary principal a supplement that is linked to enrollment and will be between $1,000 and $3,000.

The pay raises will collectively cost the school systems about $35,000 and will be paid from local revenue.

DCS Chief Financial Officer Melanie Maples said elementary principals at schools with an enrollment of 250-350 will get a $1,000 supplement; 351-450 a $2,000 supplement; and 451-550 a $3,000 supplement.

“The payments will be made at the end of each school year,” she said.

Douglas said Tuesday’s recommendations are linked to a study the school district commissioned before he became superintendent in July 2017.

North Carolina-based School Efficiency Consultants conducted the study, which recommended principal raises.

To come up with what the increases should be, Maples said she compared Decatur’s administrative pay scale to more than 10 other school districts, including every public school system in Lawrence, Limestone and Morgan counties.

Dan Brigman was superintendent at the time of the study and hired the firm to conduct it. The study recommended that DCS evaluate what it was paying administrators and some of its directors and supervisors.

In 2017, Douglas said he followed through on a promise that recommended $12,000 pay raises each for high school principals Melissa Scott at Austin and Johnny Berry at Decatur.

In 2018, he recommended pay raises for middle school principals Demond Garth at Austin Junior High and Anita Clarke at Cedar Ridge Middle. At the time, he promised to look at the pay structure for elementary principals this year.

“My preference would have been to deal with all of them at one time, but we couldn’t,” he said.

Based on what the school system approved Tuesday, the district is giving $1,000 supplements to Aundrea Hanson at Benjamin Davis, Beth Hales at Eastwood, David Kross at Leon Sheffield Magnet, Derrick Aikerson at Julian Harris, Tamara Caudle at Walter Jackson and Jennifer Edwards at West Decatur; $2,000 supplements to Tony Willis at Austinville Elementary, Teddi Jackson at Oak Park and Angie Whittington at Woodmeade; and a $3,000 supplement to David McCollum at Banks Caddell Elementary.

School officials said the principal at Chestnut Grove will receive a $2,000 supplement.

Douglas said multiple issues created the need to increase pay for six supervisors. For five of them, he said a pay disparity was created when he hired Shelton Cobb as the school system’s first career and technical education supervisor.

To lure Cobb from Huntsville City Schools, the superintendent set his salary at $103,000 annually, which put his pay above several supervisors who had been with the district multiple years.

So, on Tuesday, the board gave supervisor of technology Emily Elam a $1,371 raise that increased her annual salary to $103,607; secondary curriculum supervisor Tommy Davis a $2,931 raise that increased his salary to $107,232; elementary curriculum/testing coordinator Wanda Davis a $2,925 raise that increased her salary to $110,157; supervisor of Special Services Stefanie Underwood a $1,463 raise that increased her salary to $113,084; and accounting supervisor Mandi Jones a $2,929 raise that increased her salary to $94,020.

Douglas said Dustin Free, who supervises the maintenance department, received a $3,134 pay increase that moved his annual salary to $67,264 because someone he supervises in the department was making more money.

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