Decatur City Schools Superintendent Michael Douglas hopes to hire a new principal at Banks-Caddell Elementary by July 1 after deciding not to renew the contract of the current principal.

The Decatur school board voted Friday morning to accept Douglas' recommendation not to renew Banks-Caddell Principal David McCollum’s contract for the 2021-22 school year. The board also accepted the resignations of three longtime employees who are retiring.

McCollum’s three-year contract ends June 30, Douglas said.

“We chose to go in another direction,” Douglas said of McCollum, who took over as principal at Banks-Caddell on July 1, 2017. McCollum previously was the principal at Brindlee Mountain High School.

The board in June 2017 approved interim Superintendent Dale Edwards’ recommendation to hire McCollum.

Among the retiring personnel are Joyce Butler Gill, head custodian at Austinville Elementary, effective June 15; Marilyn R. Busby, a Child Nutrition Program worker with the Special Services Center, effective June 1; and Sharon J. Cater, physical education teacher at Walter Jackson Elementary, effective May 28. The three employees have 35, 25 and 36 years of service, respectively, according to Douglas.

“I want to thank them for their years of service,” Douglas said at the meeting.

The board approved other personnel action in a special session:


Certified personnel



Austin High: Billy A. Taunton, JROTC instructor, May 28.


Short-term contracts

Austin Middle: Jennifer Lynne Bliss, long-term sub, April 5-May 27.

Banks-Caddell: Jaime Renae Barber, extend long-term contract until April 16.

Decatur City: Alan Gary Watkins, drivers ed. summer session, June 15-July 16.

Special Services: Nancy Lee Hasting, homebound; Stacey Lynn Slocum, interventionist and Penni Conner Corum Delinger, SPE teacher.

Walter Jackson: Breanna Munger Drake, extend long-term contract until May 27.

WEEC: Molly Wallace Ferrell, teacher, May 29-August 1.


Non-certified personnel



Transportation: Robert Michael Walton, mechanic, March 26.



Decatur High: Kalah Brooke Cardwell, clerical aide (pending the procurement of satisfactory documentation and board approval).

Transportation: James A. George, bus driver, April 21, Schedule R, Rank RA, Step 0 3; Charles Nathan Padgett, certified bus mechanic (pending the procurement of satisfactory documentation and board approval).


Change of payroll status

Transportation: Annette Lea Guice, from Schedule R2, Rank R2A, Step 0 to Schedule R2, Rank R2B, Step 0 effective March 10.


Short-term contracts

Central Office: Jenna Nicole Cowart, enrollment, May 28-Aug. 2; Elizabeth Tirado, clerical/enrollment, May 28-Aug. 2; Mariah Deserae Reedus, clerical/enrollment, May 28-Aug. 2; Estefana Martina Ramirez De Alcaraz, clerical/enrollment, May 28-Aug. 2; Patricia Alcaraz Ramirez, clerical/enrollment, May 28-Aug. 2; Walter “Buck” R. Blackwell, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Brianna Keigh Shelton, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2;Sarah Kyle Payne, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Heather R. Williams, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Monica Hill Jones, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Elizabeth “Beth” C. Belcher, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Kristen Alford Meadows, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Teila Tate, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; JeanAnn R. Anderson, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Tina Drummond Harris, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Kendal Dubois Moores, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Carol M. Radford, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Sarah Pearson Welborn, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Carrie Lynn Wates, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Victoria Elaine Reeves, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Laura Leigh Davis – nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Morgan Rebekah Miller, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Deonza Kaye Tanner, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2; Juaraniece Washington Love, nurse, May 28-Aug. 2.

WEEC: Carter Lee Moore, teacher aide, May 29-Aug. 1.


Non-faculty or volunteer coaches (volunteer-non paid)

Austin High: Paige Robertson, band-majorette section


Leaves of absences



Ben Davis: Sarah Elizabeth Barton, requests FMLA.

Career Academies of Decatur: Cynthia Boerner Yates, FMLA date change, May 12-June 23.

Frances Nungester: Chelsea Alexis Moore, requests FMLA.

Leon Sheffield: Andrea Elaine Ducker, requests FMLA.


Previous board approvals (verified start date and/or experience)

Central Office: Lindsey James Moats, start date, March 23, Schedule K6, Rank RN, Step 0. Extended Day: John Christopher Gentle, contract start date, March15.

Special Services: Deanne Keenum, start date, March 11, Schedule G, Rank GD, Step 0 4; Lisa White Buckley, contract start date, February 26.

Transportation: Dexter Allen Brewer, start date, March 18, Schedule R, Rank RA, Step 0.

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