The Decatur City Board of Education voted to expel a 15-year-old Decatur High student at a hearing Friday morning.

School officials said the ninth-grade male student, who was already on a modified expulsion, was expelled for the remainder of this school year and for the 2021-2022 school year.

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Clinton Herbert

Will someone explain to me how a child during the pandemic when hardly anyone was going to school can get expelled? How bad is this child exactly?

Daniel Davidson

Mr. Herbert, I’m not privy to what offenses this young man has committed, but DCS has had students in the classroom for the entire school year; so I’m not thinking the pandemic would necessarily play a role in this young man’s expulsion. It’s indeed a tragic event anytime a student chooses to make decisions that could potentially lead to his expulsion, but I’m grateful to have a school board who believes in using expulsion as a very distant last option. It sounds (from what’s in the article) as if this young man apparently has a history of making poor choices.

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