Decatur City Superintendent Michael Douglas is getting five additional vacation days added to his contract, but the amount of the pay raise he is due will be cut from 4% to 2%.

The school board — without any dissent — approved the changes Tuesday along with changing how the superintendent’s evaluation is conducted. The amendments are for fiscal 2020 only.

Douglas said he requested the changes and that he has to use the vacation days or lose them.

“In terms of money, the school system is saving $3,730,” he said before the board voted on the contract amendments.

School board member Peggy Baggett called his request fair.

“I see no reason not to adhere to his requests,” she said, adding that she also supports amending the part of the contract that requires the Alabama Association of School Boards to conduct his annual evaluation.

Douglas’ five-year contract, which pays him $186,500 annually and a $750 monthly car allowance, says he’s also entitled to any state-mandated raise “equal in dollar amount to the pay raise received by the highest paid high school or central officer administrator, whichever is more.”

The state gave teachers a 4% pay raise for fiscal 2020, which starts in October.

DCS Chief Financial Officer Melanie Maples said the 2% raise will increase Douglas’ annual pay to $190,281. Without the contract amendment, his pay would have increased to $194,012, she said.

Board President Karen Duke said she didn’t have a problem with how the Alabama Association of School Boards evaluated Douglas last year, but the board wanted to “keep it in-house” this year.

“We’ll try to do his evaluation in the next four to six weeks,” she said.

Board member Dwight Jett said he has always and will continue to meet with the superintendent individually to evaluate him.

“With the amendment, you can do it this way,” the superintendent said.

Douglas, 46, became Decatur’s fourth superintendent in 14 months when the board hired him in June 2017. He came to Decatur from Oneonta City and his initial contract give him 20 vacation days, which he can still take in pay if not used.

“I’ve been here two years, and I’ve never had a vacation,” Douglas said. “I’m taking one this year.”

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