Another new subdivision is in the works and a new multi-family complex is under consideration as Decatur’s options for residential living continue to expand.

A possible subdivision off 14th Avenue Southwest would give the city six major subdivisions of 10 acres or more approved in the last year. However, none of them have move-in-ready homes yet.

“We’re very excited that investors and developers see the potential that Decatur has to offer,” said Kim Hallmark, of Re/Max Platinum and president of the Morgan County Realtors Association. “Any new development is great for us and our city. They (new homes) can’t happen fast enough.”

A subdivision off Point Mallard Drive with 75 planned homes and two off Upper River Road Southeast, one with up to 55 homes and the other with up to 67 homes and 32 town homes, lead the way. However, the three leaders are just at the site-work stage, so it will be late summer or early fall before they’re ready.

Two more are right behind in the planning stages. These include a development on almost 11 acres off McEntire Lane Southwest and a 20-lot subdivision planned for 30 acres off Central Avenue Southwest.

John Seymour, president and CEO of the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce, said the city has been pushing for new homes after realizing they are needed to stimulate growth.

“We’re a long way from having too many new subdivisions,” Seymour said. “We’re really just catching up.”

Hallmark said the city is in desperate need of new homes. The market has plenty of buyers but there’s a shortage of homes for sale. She said it's premature to worry about overproduction of new homes when construction has not begun on most.

The Planning Commission voted Tuesday to recommend the rezoning of 40.9 acres west of 14th Avenue Southwest and north of Douthit Road from residential-2 to residential-3. The change reduces the required minimum lot size to at least 10,000-square-feet.

Taz Morell, of Morell Engineering in Athens, made the rezoning request on behalf of Maund Family LLC. He said Maund Family LLC members “haven’t reached the point of doing engineering and design to know what we’re going to do.“

Seymour was enthusiastic about a possible apartment or town-home complex planned for 1.39 acres off Sandlin Road Southwest by XRAM Inc., for Nice Homes LLC.

City Planner Matt Marques said the developer is not sure whether it will build apartments or town houses yet. The Planning Commission voted to subdivide 2.07 acres into parcels of 1.39, for the development, and 0.68 of an acre.

“It does help that there are apartments next door,” Marques said.

Seymour said he would prefer upscale apartments, with a clubhouse and a pool, because the city hasn’t had any new apartments in more than a decade. The city has had several upscale town homes built in recent years.

Seymour said apartments are needed to attract young professionals who aren’t ready to buy a home yet.

“We feel like once we get them to live here, attend a church and make friends, they will stay,” Seymour said. “Some need to get established and get a chance to save for that down payment.”

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Chuck Johns

Not sure why a "young professional" would want to live in Decatur, except for cheap rent. They will work, shop, and enjoy a night on the town in Huntsville or Madison, sleeping in Decatur until they can afford to move to Huntsville or Madison. Decatur has very little to offer, except cheaper accommodations.

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