A music business that has been a fixture in Decatur for half of a century while selling thousands of youngsters their first instruments has become a victim of downtown progress that made the store's location too valuable for it to afford anymore.

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(6) comments

Sam Cat

Ironic that the movement for the revitalization of downtown is forcing a locally owned family business to close their doors. Looks like the almighty $$$ is taking our traditional landmarks.

Mary Morgan

“Clay”????? Since when?????

Mary Morgan

Their names are Ron and Emily CROW!!!


I bought my first Steinway from Forbes in 1976. Saw it in the store window and was hooked.

Ben Dover

I know the Clays considered retiring some years ago but no one would buy the business. They also offer spaces for teaching music. The last instrument store in Decatur - we used to have 3. Sad day.

Angela Patterson

I hope they decide to stay open and move to a more affordable location. Ron has worked on my horn since the mid 80s. There is no one else I would trust with my clarinet. Emiron is also the only place I take my daughters flutes and piccolos when they need work done. I know Ron will do it right.

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