Two Grant Street Southeast residents said they witnessed an argument at a neighboring house Tuesday night an hour before police say someone in a moving vehicle shot at the house, injuring a female who was taken to Huntsville Hospital for treatment.

Decatur police said they arrived at the house near the 1200 block of Grant Street about 8 p.m. and found a female with a gunshot wound to the stomach and determined the vehicle had left the scene. Police said Wednesday that the investigation was continuing and the victim was in stable condition at Huntsville Hospital. Police have not identified the victim.

Residents of the house where the shooting occurred said the victim, a family friend of the house's residents, was in the intensive care unit. 

Neighbors Kelly and Andrew Eicelberger, who have been living on Grant Street for three years, said this was not the first time they had seen a disturbance at the house, which is east of Somerville Road.

“For three years, I’ve witnessed them arguing loudly on their porch at least once a week,” Andrew Eicelberger said.

He said that he saw six people standing on the corner of Grant Street and Somerville Road arguing loudly Tuesday night, and then he went back inside his home.

The Eicelbergers said they heard and counted eight shots that were fired in the area after the argument, but did not walk outside to witness what was happening.

Another Grant Street resident, Jennifer Lewter, heard a loud noise shortly before 8 p.m.

“I was inside with my (family) and we heard a loud noise; we thought something hit the porch,” Lewter said. “Right after that, we heard multiple gunshots down the street. I mean it had to have been at least six to eight shots.”

Both the Eicelbergers and Lewter said they believed Grant Street to be a relatively quiet street.

“We’ve never had anything like that happen here while we’ve been living here,” Lewter said.

“I’ve definitely lived in worse places,” Andrew Eicelberger said.

“It’s usually safe, but if I’m at home alone, I like to have my gun near me,” Kelly Eicelberger said.

The shooting happened across Somerville Road from Simply Good Kitchen restaurant, and workers there said the restaurant was closed during the time of the shooting.

“We close at five and normally we don’t get out of here until 8, but last night we got out right at 5,” said Krystal Grant, a worker at Simply Southern.

Both Grant and her co-worker Karen Brooks said they felt safe working on Grant Street and have not seen any major crime in the area since they occupied the building in April.

None of the neighbors said they saw the car of the suspect who fired the shots.

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