Sherwood Drive curve

Sherwood Drive Southeast resident Cookie Stoner's home is in this curve, and she said she has had eight vehicles wreck in her yard. [BAYNE HUGHES/DECATUR DAILY]

Eight times the Stoner family has had someone wreck in their yard on Sherwood Drive Southeast, including at least twice barely missing a family member.

Recently, Cookie Stoner got a scare when she thought her children were playing in the front yard. They were at a neighbor’s house, but she still had to deal with the thought of what could have occurred.

Stoner finally had enough about two weeks ago after her husband was almost hit while working in the yard. She’s now asking the Police Department and the City Council for a solution.

“I understand and respect the need for traffic studies, but something needs to be done,” Stoner said.

Stoner said most of the wrecks are when drivers are going faster than the posted 15-mph speed limit and traveling from west to north around the curve from Crestview Drive to Sherwood Drive.

“I’ve stood out there with a hairdryer (so people think she’s running radar), and I’ll do it again if I have to,” Stoner said.

She said her home seems to be the only one on the curve in which people are wrecking. The vehicles haven’t made it to her house yet, but she fears it’s just a matter of time.

Police Chief Nate Allen said his department is doing a traffic study and looking for ways to slow down traffic in the curve. The Traffic Division put up signs warning drivers they are approaching new stop signs at intersections on each side of the curve.

“There are many ways to control speed, including stop signs and speed bumps,” Allen said. or 256-340-2432. Twitter @DD_BayneHughes.
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(4) comments

John Green

Looks like they added 2 more stop signs.
8/13/18 "The Decatur Police Department has added stop signs to two intersections and is advising motorists to drive with caution there.
• The intersection of Palmetto Drive and Crestview Drive Southeast is now a three-way stop.
• The intersection of Sherwood Drive and Woodland Street Southeast is now a four-way stop."

Richard Crow

There used to be a big "dip" close to the curve but was removed when the entire drainage system was redone. The "dip" deterred speeding - I still slow down for it even though it's not there. The "dip" has been gone for years but this is the first time I have heard of this problem. Apparently, the solution is put stop signs on every corner near the curve. That was creative and driver-friendly!

John Green

That's the route people take to Point Mallard coming from South Decatur.

Chuck Johns

Don't expect much from Decatur police, and you won't be disappointed. The "traffic study" will be conducted at each end of the street, near the stop signs. This, of course, indicates no one is speeding. Then they'll be able to justify doing nothing. Speeders on Indian Hills Road, a police have been told for at least two year, and still NOTHING. Got some nice signs, but no police presents to ENFORCE.

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