Councilman Hunter Pepper kept two Decatur Police officers at his home, one for almost 30 minutes, on a busy holiday weekend as he argued about whether they should confiscate fireworks at the scene, claimed not to know who owned them and urged them not to enforce the city’s fireworks ban.

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Sam Cat

District 4 should have a recall vote


I noticed he was a no show at the council meeting last night.

David Graham

I sent an email this evening to all of the members of the city council and the mayor to ask them to urge him to resign. They can't remove him but they can sure try to talk him into doing the right thing. He continues to be the subject of stories that embarrass the town, and then blames the messenger or the police. Enough is enough.

Mike Ja

You can’t find it now because he deleted it but according to his Facebook, this was all premeditated. He said he didn’t like the ordinance, thought it shouldn’t be enforced and was going to shoot fireworks. Ask him about Big Pepper’s Firework stand too… disgraceful. Then he basically said Veterans with PTSD can deal with it because Point Mallard and others were doing it anyway. Very classy, but he deleted it so I guess he didn’t really post those things. But I read them and I don’t appreciate the unethical representation of my city.

Cindy Reid

It’s time for the little boy to man up. A real man in his position would recognize how unethical his actions were and would put the city first. The only way for him to put the city first is to RESIGN!!!!

Elizabeth Hawkins

Those concerned may file complaints with State Ethics Commission.

David Graham

That was basically the mayor's exact response to my email to him asking him to urge Pepper to resign.

Elizabeth Hawkins

This is how Trump began and we see how that ended. If his political career is not stopped he will continue to grow a following of those who do not follow the legal pathway for change.

Byron Johnson

TDS is real folks


Just what the city of Decatur needs, more good publicity for folks to consider why I should move to the city of Decatur. Will be very interesting how the city council addresses this issue. Looks to me like he played his city councilman card and got away with what others would have been given a citation for. What a let down from both departments.

Sam Cat

Had this been any other citizen who argued with the Police this long being so defiant, they would either be in jail or have been issued a citation. Obviously he received neither. Did his position as a councilman give him special consideration?

Michael Pollick

Does this mean he won't get his City Councilman merit badge?

Chuck Johns


Matthew Rea

I hope the citizens of his district will elect better representation next time. This isn't an isolated issue with Mr. Pepper but rather the latest in a pattern of disregard and disrespect he shows for the laws of our city. The right way for a council member to change an ordinance is to bring it up at their meeting and try to persuade the rest of the council to vote to repeal. Instead of doing that, he decided he can just break the laws he doesn't like and try to use his elected position to intimidate officers into looking the other way.

Average Bubba

This is what the folks of Decatur get for electing a spoiled brat to office. Of course, he won't get into any trouble and will think that because of his elected position he is above the law.

jack winton

Dude sounds like a little,spoiled brat.

Frances Elam

Decatur created this from lack of real leadership being elected for years and it continues to show. Those within Decatur who are capable of leading the city do not run for elected positions any longer and understandably so. Pepper shows his immaturity and lack of respect for law enforcement knowing that he is breaking a city ordinance. From his words about taking this up Tuesday morning if a citation is written is a threat from what I see. Give the 2 officers the credit for being professional in the way it was handled. The DPD has the right leadership. I suspect Pepper will no longer be a council member in the near future and a vacant position will have to be appointed. Then again, if that position is not filled, that could be better for Decatur also.

Chuck Johns

He's a fine politician, or may one day be when he grows up.

I have no use for "politicians".

Charlie Specoli

There is so much wrong with councilman Pepper's conduct it's just hard to start. Apparently he feels that he is entitled to not follow any law he disagrees with because he is a city councilman. Yes, Mr. Pepper the police have better things to do but you chose to break the law, therefore a citizen complained and an officer responded. it does not matter if the came into the 911 system, or the non- emergency number. A citizen made a complaint and the police responded. Your definition of being cooperative needs to be re evaluated because you were far from it. To be clear, under the law you are no different than any other citizen, yet you chose not to cooperate, you chose to defy the law, and you chose to tie up an officer for 28 minutes because you sir disagreed with the law. as far as i am concerned as a voting citizen of this city, you should be removed from office for blatantly and intentionally breaking the law, or have the sense to resign . Your actions are completely out of line, and arrogant and is not the right kind of conduct that an officer holder should have. You kept saying we will see on Tuesday morning, I took that as some kind of defiant threat toward those two officers. I have no doubt, that you will apologize once again for your conduct, but you seriously need to consider and resign, you have a false sense as to what you can and cannot do as a councilman, and this was blatant,and intentional. .

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