Preliminary plans for a new ballfield complex in Southwest Decatur show eight turf fields on stair-stepped levels, city officials said.

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Frances Elam

No wonder people are leaving Decatur, for statements like this, “Mr. Jackson doesn’t support growth in part of the city unless it’s in his district,” Pepper said. “Hopefully, Mr. Jackson will grow up one day and understand that the other parts of the city have to grow, too.” Pepper shows his ignorance and uneducated background, he really thinks what they have accomplished and doing has inspired growth, check the numbers Pepper, they do not lie. Got to give Jackson credit for the no comment, that takes a bigger person to be able to do that. Pepper you need to come down to my "hick town" which Decatur has always referred to us as, the one that borders Decatur on the south end, and see how leadership and prosperity really works. If you and the clowns running Decatur, I will not include Jackson in this, think sinking all this money in sports complexes will make Decatur thrive and grow, I guess the 5-10 percent of Decatur students paying out of district fees to come into our school system will not affect Decatur any way.

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