The Decatur school board on Tuesday approved the retirement of 12 longtime employees, with combined service in the district of more than 300 years, and also approved salary schedules and job descriptions for three new positions.

Among those retiring, effective June 30, is Eastwood Elementary Principal Elizabeth Hales.

Superintendent Michael Douglas said Hales has been with Decatur City Schools for 28 years, and previously was the principal at Austinville Elementary. He hopes to bring a recommendation for Hales’ successor to the board before July 1.

Other retirements that were part of the personnel agenda approved Tuesday:

• Milton Childers, bus driver in transportation, 20 years with DCS, effective May 28.

• Gail Lett, Child Nutrition Program manager in the Special Services Center, 25 years with DCS, effective June 1.

• Bruce Hamilton, Austin High driver education/girls basketball coach, 20 years with DCS, effective May 28.

• Lorenda Ellison, an aide at Banks-Caddell Elementary, 21 years with DCS, effective May 27.

• Kristen Propst, first grade teacher at Benjamin Davis, 36 years with DCS, effective May 28.

• Stella Lanier Walker, a special education teacher, Special Services Center/Austin Middle, 20 years with DCS, effective May 28.

• Tamela Jan Morris, Child Nutrition Program at the Special Services Center/Frances Nungester Elementary, 19 years with DCS, effective May 28.

• Lee Lott, career tech teacher at Career Academies of Decatur, 38 years with DCS, effective June 30.

• Melissa Gann, reading coach at Oak Park Elementary, more than 31 years with DCS, effective May 28.

• Judy Joseph, teacher in residence at Banks-Caddell Elementary, 33 years with DCS, effective June 30.

• Emily Millwood, science teacher at Decatur Middle, 36 years with DCS, effective May 28.

The retirements represent “lot of experience we’ll be replacing,” Douglas said.

Douglas said the approval of the three job descriptions will allow him to post those jobs and interview candidates, before bringing recommendations to the board for hiring. The jobs are human resources coordinator, Child Nutrition Program operations manager and director of communications.

The salary schedule for the CNP field operations manager ranges from $36,462 at step 0 to $56,878 at step 24, and the schedule for the director of communications ranges from $65,384 at step 0 to $85,800 at step 24.

The salary schedule for the human resources coordinator ranges from $61,434 to $96,934, based on years of experience and education degrees.

The personnel reports for May and June will include "two of the biggest groups of hiring" during the school year, according to Douglas. Peggy Baggett, the board's vice president, noted that the personnel package represents "a ton of work" by administrators.

"This is a noble accomplishment," Baggett said.  

The approved personnel agenda includes:


Certified personnel



Austin High: John Langley Rusevlyan, social studies teacher, May 28; and Earl Darius Gilbert, health/physical education teacher, May 10.

Banks-Caddell: Anthony Blake Killen, physical education, May 28.

West Decatur: Shea Belew Brennaman, fourth grade teacher, May 28.

Woodmeade: Tonja Renee Whitenack, teacher in residence, May 20.



Austin High: Steven Kerby, science (pending the procurement of satisfactory documentation and board approval); and Christopher Pressnell, social science (pending the procurement of satisfactory documentation and board approval).

Austin Junior High: Makeba Jones, math teacher (pending the procurement of satisfactory documentation and board approval).

Decatur City: Jamiee Lynne Moran, unassigned secondary teacher, Aug. 2, Schedule A1, Rank MA, Step 0.


Short-term contracts

Austin High: Sabra Davis, long term contract.

Austin High — summer school teachers: Kimberly Anissa Evans, Megan Barnett Hulsey, Angela Joyce Dixon, Katherine Emily Cheatham, Felicia Dixon Brown, Medwin Keith Bozeman, Claudine Marie Beaudry, Stephania C. Baggs, Stephanie Kayla McCrary, Amy L. Fletcher, Amy Elizabeth Foster (Fanning), Nancy Lee Hasting, Sara Rogers Howard, Cheri Holsclaw Page, Ryan P. Posey, Tamara T. Smith, Brittany Nicole January, Amanda E. Whitmire, Kamelia I. Warren and Aquarius Wiggins Bell.

Austin Middle — summer school teachers: Olivia Gale Bishop, Miranda Jackson Medlock, Kendria S. Martin-Sutherlin, Elizabeth Shawnta Fleming, Sabrina M. Helm, Jessica Shipley, Lorene Elizabeth Hastings, Lauren Taylor Santiago, Kristy Ferguson Parker (accelerated SLA teacher), Emily Page D'Amico, Candice Tittle Cameron.

Banks-Caddell: Angie B. Whittington, extend interim principal contract through June 30; and Jaime Renae Barber, extend contract through May 27.

Special Services: Georgia Michelle Terry, interventionist.

Summer Learning Academy: Julia Cantrell Vosler, interventionist; Elizabeth Ellison Webb, enrichment; Pamela D. Allen, interventionist; Julianna Rose Woolard, teacher; Melissa K. Herring, reading specialist; Cassie D. Washington, teacher in residence; Judy E. Joseph, teacher in residence; Tamera Demetrius Lowe-Preer, teacher in residence; Courtney Watts, teacher; Kathy Crutcher, teacher; Tracey Andrews, teacher; Carla D. Snead, teacher; Stephanie Nicole Brannan, Tier 3 interventionist; Karen Drake Tuten, Tier 3 interventionist; Deidre Jones, enrichment; Roberta Kay Stephens, EL teacher; Jessica Earwood Mitchell, teacher; and Mary Frances Travers, teacher.

Summer School Special Services: Jana Kay Satterfield, teacher; Patricia Flynn Laughlin, teacher; John W. Williamson, teacher; Paige Harrelson, teacher; Lauren Paige Smith, teacher; Leslie Ann Pouliot, teacher; Melanie Maynard Milligan, teacher; Robert L. Murphy, teacher; Maxcie Nicole Morris, teacher, Jessica Gamble Harpe, teacher; Kimberly Hagood Kent, teacher; Briana Horton, teacher; LaTonya D. Williams, teacher; Antoinette R. Sisco-Williamson, teacher; Vanessa L. Papenburg, teacher; Adriana DeRodriguez, parent engagement coordinator; Christen Newsom Adams, teacher; and Kelli Lachae Morris, teacher.

Technology: Tracy Virginia Glenn and Bonnie Lee Hurst, technology summer employees.


Non-certified personnel



Chestnut Grove: Morgan Lee Lowery, auxiliary teacher, May 27.

Maintenance: Samuel Kieran Booker, general maintenance, April 21.

Transportation: Bonnie D. Tierce, bus aide, May 27; Eddy Joe Tierce, bus driver, May 27.



Transportation: Lillie Laverne Watson, bus driver (pending the procurement of satisfactory documentation and board approval).


Short-term contracts

Austin Middle: Gloria Williams, secretary-SLA.

Central office: Lindsay James Moats, nurse; Lawson Fletcher, enrollment; and Emily Holden Hollis, nurse.

Extended Day: Sarah M. Wingo, bookkeeper; Elissa Kennamer Taylor, camp coordinator; Carol Ann Shaw, camp site leader; Russell Davis Meadows, teacher aide; Stephanie Soto Antunez, teacher aide; Lavonne (Bonnie) Brown, teacher aide; Roderick Jamal Austin, teacher aide; Shelby Elizabeth Mayo, teacher aide; Jonathan Luke Stover, teacher aide; Erica Marie Nall, teacher aide; Shelia Ann Boyd, teacher aide; Juliana Sanchez, teacher aide; and John Christopher Gentle, teacher aide.

Frances Nungester: Michelle Bass and Monica A. Cox, summer office aides.

Maintenance: Willis Turner and Reuben Bankhead, lawn care.

Oak Park Elementary-Summer Learning Academy: Rica Nicole Robinson, enrichment office aide.

Special Services Center: Melissa A. Glass and Metra C. Lauderdale, CNP workers.

Summer Learning Academy: Stacey Lynn Slocum, Amy Hughes Calame and Rachel Sara Hammers, Tier 3 interventionists; Kyler Grace Evans, interventionist.

Summer School Special Services: Rhonda S. Bishop, Brandy E. Jankowski, Eglee Josefina Finley, Ashley Jeanann Hammond, Angela Davis Malone, Christopher Michael Smith, Devon Claire Richardson, Cynthia Forthman Hamilton, Andrea Woods Cagle, Kara Leanne Breed, Jennifer H. Salter, James Trenton Terry, Katherine Amanda Henderson, Grantland L. Steele, Lakeysia Coretta Caudle, Dannielle Chandler Lanning, Courtney Lyn Mandalke, Julia Margaret Sturges, (pending the procurement of satisfactory documentation and board approval), all parapro; and Laurie Yarbrough, data collection.

Transportation — summer school bus drivers: Robert Earl Caudle, Thomas Willard Brown, Devaki D Leela Barker, Sabrina Darlene Sivley, Anthony Clyde Rea, Jimmy H. Luckie, Edward Donal Johnson, Waymon L. Holladay, Kimberly Crow Prince, Roderick Terence Garrett, Richard D. Elrod, Jimmy Lee Chenault, Maria Elena Flores, Fred E. Sturgeon, Shelia Whitlow Stewart, Jasper R. Champion, Ronnie Alonzo Cohen, Matthew Conner, Glen R. Springer, Richard Grady Fortson, Odis Goode, Janet Lee Greene, Donna J. Allred, Nathan Dwayne Hill, Charles Edward Shoulders, Bryan G. Johnson, Richard L. McClure, Audrey Marguerite Ogles, Edwin A. Ray, Stephanie D. Taylor, Anita Carol Young, Rosa Maria Worth, Rendy Kaye Williams, Lonnie Weaver, Richard R. Watson, John David Vinson, Randy D. Templeton, Michael S. Bailey, James A. George, Lisa M. Spratt, Kelly Regina Lawton, Heath V. Morrow, Will Nathaniel Yates and Dexter Allen Brewer.

Transportation — summer school bus aides: Donna C. Taylor, Melissa Renee Stegall (bus aide with CDL), Annette Lea Guice, Mary Linley Hays, Deborah J. Hughes, Bethany Premiere Petty, Charlie Fran Burgess, Donna B. Woods, Rica Nicole Robinson, Sherry Denise Williams, Robert J. Wilkinson, Bettie Sue Mayes, Barbara Ann Williams and Sherry Lynn Thornton.

West Decatur: Noah Boyett, custodian (pending the procurement of satisfactory documentation and board approval).


Leave of Absence



Decatur Middle: Emily Leigh Millwood, requests FMLA.

Leon Sheffield Magnet: Tammy M. Parker, requests FMLA.

Special Services: Eugenia G. Steward, requests medical leave.

Walter Jackson: Mollie Olinger Linley, requests to extend leave.



Austin High: Marileni Lopez-Lopez, requests medical leave.

Chestnut Grove: Morgan Lee Lowery, requests medical leave; Diane Roth, requests FMLA.

Frances Nungester: Maria G. Felix Roman, requests medical leave.

Special Services Center: Florence Carter, requests FMLA.

Walter Jackson: Tonya Louise Gregory, requests FMLA, May 28-July 31.

West Decatur: Pamela K. Haynes, requests FMLA.

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