A Decatur councilman says he's frustrated police haven't caught suspects who fired a gun at him and are also believed to be involved in two robberies and an attempted burglary in late September. 

Councilman Billy Jackson said Wednesday he was feeding his dog after 10 p.m. on Sept. 21 when he saw three masked males across the street from his home on 12th Avenue Southwest.

“They jumped up on my neighbor’s front porch and one of them tried to kick the door in,” Jackson said. “I yelled at them and, as they ran away, one of them shot at me.”

Jackson said the three suspects wore white T-shirts and were young men or teenagers. He said he never found a bullet hole to know how close the shot was. Officers did find a bullet casing.

“If somebody is willing to brazenly kick down a door without knowing what’s on the other side, they’re willing to kill somebody,” Jackson said. “They didn’t know who was sitting on the sofa on the other side (of the door).”

He said his next-door neighbor came over when he saw the police officers and said someone tried to kick in his door, too.

“My neighbor is Hispanic, and the people who used to live in the house across the street (are) Hispanic," Jackson said, "so it almost appears like they were targeting Hispanics."

He said the suspects he saw were black.

Police spokeswoman Emily Long said there were two reported cases in the neighborhood in which two male suspects robbed individuals outside of their homes. Evidence collected from the two cases is being processed.

Long said there was another attempted burglary on the same evening.

“The suspect descriptions in the attempted burglary are similar to the suspects’ descriptions in the two robbery cases,” Long said. “The attempted burglary is the only instance where three individuals were reported.”

Jackson commended the police officers who responded to his home that night. He said they patiently dealt with his neighbor who spoke limited English.

However, Jackson said, he worries that the three suspects he saw are still free to terrorize the neighborhood.

“It’s frustrating that they haven’t been caught over such a simple crime,” Jackson said. “This was not a well-thought-out plan. ... It’s important for the community that we find these people.”

Police Chief Nate Allen said investigators are still working on the Sept. 21 case, but they’ve had trouble getting the neighborhood to cooperate.

“The suspects have been difficult to identify because the victims were Hispanic,” Allen said.

Long said there haven’t been any more incidents since that police believe might be connected with Sept. 21 cases.

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